Nissan 3.0 Liter V-6

Odometer reading 3.0L V6
Odometer 3.0L v6

How many miles can you put on a Nissan 3.0 Liter V-6. The answer to this question is similar to the answer of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll Tootsie Pop.

When I purchased my Nissan 300ZX it was from the original owner and the odometer was showing almost exactly 100,000 miles. My parents thought I was insane for buying a vehicle with such high mileage.

Back in my parent’s days when a vehicle reached the 100,000 mile mark it was time to throw it away and get another vehicle. But as we know today, we can get many more miles than we use to just 10 years ago.

The 150k mile mark is common place now. If the engine is well built and cared for 200,000 miles is well within reach for many drivers.

300ZX V-6 Engine

I plan on dedicating a few posts to the 300zx repairs that were necessary while I owned this car. This car required more work than any other vehicle that I have owned before or since. But this post will be dedicated to the engine itself the mighty 3.0 L Nissan V6.

300ZX 3L V6
3L V6 300ZX

When I got this car with 100,000 miles on it I wasn’t sure how far the engine would go. Being a mechanic I figured that I would have to either overhaul or replace it at some point. The first thing I had to do after purchasing the Z. was to get it through state inspection.

The vehicle did fail for loose ball joints and alignment issues but it passed the emissions test with flying colors. Also notable was at 100,000 miles the 3 Liter V-6 had fantastic oil pressure at about 30 psi at 800 RPMs.

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The engine had zero smoke emissions and purred like a kitten. I owned this car for about four years and put an additional hundred thousand miles on the Nissan v6 motor.

At that point the engine still had 25 psi of oil pressure at 800 RPMs. With the odometer showing 210,000 miles the day I sold the vehicle there was still no sign of smoke or any other signs of worn internal engine parts.

Now keep in mind that I am a mechanic and I loved this car with all my heart. It received oil changes every three months or 3000 miles religiously. So it was well cared for but still it exceeded all of my expectations about how many miles I could put on a Nissan 3.o Liter V-6.

Oil Change Tip for the v6 Nissan Engines

As a side note every time you do an oil change on this engine the oil filter is located above the starter motor. When you remove the oil filter oil will run over the top of the starter motor. If you do not clean the oil off the starter it will eventually overheat and need to be replaced.

If you go to a quick lube, chances are they will not take the time to clean the area around the oil filter. You may want to double check this unless you do not mind replacing the starter every 5 years or so.

So I really can’t answer the question of how many miles you can put on your Nissan 3 Liter V-6 but as far as the engine in my 300ZX the last I heard it had over 240,000 miles on it and continued to pass state inspection and have good oil pressure. In my opinion Nissan makes a very stout V-6. If you take good care of it the skies are the limit for the longevity of this motor.

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