Preparing for ASE tests

ASE study guideSince I have dedicated several posts to taking the ASE tests and shared the results with you, I thought that I would include a post that discusses some of my preparation tactics.

It is very important for me to pass these tests on the first attempt. It does not always turn out the way I want but I do give it my best shot.

The inconvenience of re-certifying every five years coupled with the financial expenses motivates me to make sure I am properly prepared for each test.

I do believe in purchasing ASE study guides along with other supporting information for each topic. I will even read through the service manuals provided by vehicle manufacturers for vehicle specific information.

Preparing for ASE tests

test taking tipsThere are some excellent tips included in the ASE study guide that cover not only the amount and type of questions you’ll be asked but also best practices for being ready, both physically and emotionally for taking these difficult exams.

Here is one mistake that I made that will never happen to me again I forgot to bring my admission ticket to the test center.

Guess what, they will not let you take the test without the admission ticket.

Since I was 45 minutes away from the test center I had to apply for a refund and missed out on that testing session.

Not only do you need to bring your admission ticket and drivers license but I recommend you bring a couple of number two pencils because they may not be supplied at the test center.

Make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before you are to take the tests. I also recommend that you take the day off from work if at all possible.

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It is difficult to turn wrenches all day and then rush yourself to the tests and then take the exams all night. If you do not take off from work you could be looking at a 14 to 16 hour day. This will for sure make you hate taking ASE tests.

My number one tip for taking ASE tests

Look out for except questionsWhen working with other technicians and helping them prepare for taking the ASE tests I find that many of them know the answer to the question yet they get it wrong.

Sometimes they talk themselves out of the right answer. My advice is to read through each question carefully and completely through the first time. Don’t stop reading and back up to reread a section, blast completely through it at least one time.

If you don’t know the answer to a question and need to think about it in depth your best bet is to move onto the next question and come back for this one later.

Whenever possible read through the question and pick your best answer and then move on. This will prevent you from talking yourself out of the right answer.

When you skip a test question make sure that you stay on track as far as filling in the ovals for the next question. The blank oval will also help you identify the questions you have to go back for.

If you are running out of time and still have unanswered questions take an educated guess at the answer. This is better than leaving it blank and for sure getting it wrong. And keep a look out for the except questions where you actually have to pick the wrong answer.

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