Auto Mechanics and ASE Certifications

About ASE certified mechanics.

auto mechanic using auto scan tool imageThe national Institute for automotive service excellence or ASE is a nonprofit organization founded in 1972 for the purpose of improving the quality of automotive service and repair through the voluntary testing and certification of automotive mechanics. Currently there are over 400,000 professional certified automotive technicians.

ASE certification recognizes the knowledge and experience of professional auto mechanics. Taking and passing the ASE certification tests also demonstrates the employers commitment to professionalism. Becoming an ASE certified technician can mean better compensation and increased employment opportunities as well.

ASE, not only certifies technicians for competency. It also promotes the benefits of technician certification to the motoring public. Repair shops, an employee at lease one ASE certified technician can display the ASE sign. Established auto repair centers, where 75% of the technicians are certified with at least one technician certified in each area of service offered by the business are eligible for the ASE blue seal of excellence program display sign. ASE and urges consumers to patronize the auto repair centers that take this extra step towards the commitment to excellence.

How to become an ASE certified mechanic.

To become ASE certified, you must pass at least one ASE exam and have at least two years of related work experience. Technicians that pass, all tests in a series earned the master technician status. The ASE certification is valid for a five-year period of time after this time has elapsed. You must retest to retain certification, demonstrating that you have cut up with the changing technology in the automotive repair field.

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The ASE tests consist of 40 to 85 multiple-choice questions. A panel of technical experts writes test questions from vehicle, parts and equipment manufacturers, as well as working technicians and technical automotive educational instructors.

All questions have been tested and quality checked on a national sample of technicians. The questions are derived from information presented in the task list, which details the knowledge that a technician must have to pass an ASE certification exam. This task list periodically updated by ASE in response to changes in auto repair technology and car repair techniques.

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