Car Breaking Down

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down on the Highway (Besides Not Panicking)

Do you own a car that’s more than 10 years old? If so, you should know that your vehicle is twice as likely to break down as cars that haven’t yet reached the 10-year mark.

This doesn’t mean that you should spend every waking minute worrying about what’s going to happen if your car breaks down. But it does mean that you should be prepared for the possibility of your car breaking down at any moment.

Not everyone knows exactly what to do when a car breaks down. Here are some tips on how you should react if your car breaks down and leaves you stranded.

Get Your Car to a Safe Spot on the Side of the Highway

If you start to sense that there is something wrong with your car when you’re driving it on the highway, you shouldn’t push it any further than you have to. Before your car breaks down completely, you should pull it over in a safe spot.

From there, you should turn your wheels so that they’re facing away from the road and put your emergency brake on. This is going to be especially important if you happen to have your broken-down car parked on a hill.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights and Set Up Emergency Flares Around Your Car

Once you have your car safely on the side of the road, you’re going to want to do whatever it takes to ensure that other drivers are able to see it. You don’t want someone to accidentally plow into the back of your car while you’re sitting in it simply because it’s hard to see.

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To make your car more visible to other drivers, you should turn your hazard lights on. If it’s safe to do so, you should also consider setting up some emergency flares around the perimeter of your car.

By doing these things, you’ll make it very easy for other drivers to see your car sitting on the side of the highway. You’ll also make it easy for a tow truck driver to find you when you contact one to come out to rescue you and your car.

Call a Tow Truck for Assistance

There’s a good chance that you’re not going to be able to fix whatever is wrong with your car on the side of the highway. You’re typically going to have to get it taken to an auto repair shop so that they can assess the damages.

This will require you to call on a tow truck company for help. Visit to see how simple it is to have a tow truck driver come out to assist you.

Try Not to Panic Too Much When Your Car Breaks Down

When your car breaks down on the highway, your stress levels are going to go through the roof. But you should try to take a few deep breaths and remain calm.

The calmer you are, the more successful you’re going to be when it comes to remedying the situation. Follow the steps that we just laid out to get yourself out of a tough spot in no time at all.

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