Automotive Engine Parts

What to Look for When Buying Automotive Machinery Parts

Fixing a car takes more than having the parts and putting in a bit of elbow grease. Depending on how complicated the job is will determine what other automotive machinery you’ll need by your side. Machinery for the automotive industry is designed to not only make the repairs easier but also ensure they’re completed correctly.

But how do you know what tools you’ll need to get the job done? What is the standard equipment that every automotive trading company should have in their garage? As cars and technology get more advanced, it’s essential to keep up with the times so that you can fix anything on wheels.

Now is the perfect opportunity to do an inventory check on what automotive machinery you have on hand. Use this guide to make sure you’re not going to leave yourself wrecked.


Lifts can be very handy when you want to service a car over your head. It will give you better access to all the parts underneath the vehicle and a better view as well.

The two-post lift is the automotive industry standard. It will have a pair of horizontal posts that come out of each vertical bar. This supports the vehicle and gives you easy access to the wheels, suspension, and brake systems.

If you need more security and stability, a four-post lift provides extended ramps for the car to drive on to so it can be hosted on corner posts. This lift is great when you need to work on anything besides the tires, brakes, or suspension.

Tire and Alignment Machines

Changing tires with a lug wrench can be a strenuous affair. But there are quicker and easier ways to replace a tire. You also want to make sure that the tire is safe and secure when you head out on the road.

Tire changers are available separately or with a wheel balancer. When you need to get the wheels off fast, this will help you replace them as quickly as the pit crew at Nascar. The wheel balancer can give you feedback on where and what extent weights need adjusting to balance the tire.

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For more comprehensive tire information, you can also invest in an alignment machine. This works by placing the vehicle on the device and getting information on the difference between the tires and steering wheel.

Auto Body Equipment

If you’re completing any smash repairs or bodywork, then you’ll need some extra equipment to ensure the car looks brand new. Frame machines should be your first purchase. A frame machine is a large platform that can rotate the vehicle 360 degrees allowing you to get a complete view of what work needs completing.

A paint booth is also handy to have, not only for the car but for your health. It keeps the environment around the vehicle clear from anything that can affect the paint job. The booth also stops paint fumes filling the airways and damaging your lungs.

Oil Drain and Caddy

When you’re changing oil or transmission fluids, the last thing you want to happen is the container capturing the liquids overflowing and spilling everywhere. A standing oil caddy can make this job a lot less messy. Especially if your vehicle is on a lift.

The funnel will be able to reach the location where the liquid flows from. The caddy itself will be large enough to ensure that there is no chance that you’ll need a mop and bucket to clean up the mess. If you’re doing a lot of general services, then this is an essential purchase for your garage. 

Battery Charger and Jumper

When a car refuses to start, it’s often due to an issue with the battery. When you need to find out more about why the engine won’t start, a battery charger and a pair of jumper cables can come in handy.

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If the vehicle does start thanks to the jumper cables, then you can either service it with the battery charger or replace the battery entirely. If the car doesn’t start, then you’ve got bigger problems ahead of you.

Brake Lathe

Any jobs involving the brakes can be complicated. This is why it’s helpful to have a brake lathe on hand if you need to do a resurfacing task. 

A brake lathe fixes any noise and vibration problems with the brakes. It will correct the thickness on the rotor and prolong the life of the systems. It’s important to purchase a brand name lathe in case you need to buy any replacement parts.

Other Automotive Machinery

There are some other essential automotive machinery items that you should want to find out more information on. One piece of equipment you should consider purchasing to make life easier is an air compressor. These can significantly improve your productivity compared to using wrenches, ratchets, or other manual tools.

For any serious engine or transmission work, you’re going to need a hoist to help move these heavy parts. This will give you the best access under the hood and keep the items on the hoist in a safe space until they’re needed.

With more and more vehicles getting smarter thanks to computers, some diagnostic equipment can be worth investing in. This will save you a lot of time troubleshooting problems and help you solve the vehicle’s issues a lot quicker. 

How Do You Use the Equipment?

Once you’ve got all the automotive machinery equipment stored in your garage, the next step is knowing how and when to use it. For all your auto repair queries and questions, visit our blog for the most up to date information from a trusted mechanic on keeping your car on the road.