Tap and Die Set

How to Use a Tap and Die Set the Right Way

A tap and die set is an integral part of each repairman’s toolbox. However, not every repairman has one.

In premise, a set is a two-in-one tool that is used to chop thread around holes and into a thread.

In this article, we will cover how to use the set the right way.

So keep reading to learn more.

The Tap and Die Set

As mentioned earlier, the tap and die set is the two-in-one tool that allows a person to chop threads around a hole and into a thread. One would use the tap to cut the threads on the holes where fasteners are to be positioned and then use the die to cut threads on a rod (primarily steel).

A die can also be used to create a new thread on a new bolt, and also repairing threads on existing screws and bolts. Before we get to actually using it, we need to first understand the variety of taps and dies.

For instance, the taper tap is used to begin the cut or thread. It is tapered from the bottom to the top.

Furthermore, a second tap is used to deepen the threads that have been cut by the taper tap. The angle would be very similar, however, it only goes up to the sixth level on the thread.

Consequently, the plug tap is used to develop quality aesthetic outcomes at the end of a bolt, which means it serves a completely distinct faculty from the prior two taps.

Now on to the dies. A circular die is used to create entire threads in one session. You tap the threads from the side for simple initiation. 

Whereas, an adjustable two-piece die is used to create a long thread. It involves several cutting operations, which are in need of the die for closing after each thread.

How to Use the Tap and Die Set Properly?

Now that you know what a tap and die set is, and how it can be used, it’s time to learn how to use them accordingly. 

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First, you need to begin by defining the necessary number of threads for each inch. When you are in the process of making threads, the number of threads will depend on the object and the type of bolt. A bolt gauge can be used to measure and calculate the number of threads for the lock. 

In any case, after determining the quantity, select the die that you will fit into the thread. A taper tap will help you determine which side to start with, but to figure out what die to use, you should place it into the wrench to lead and hold it.

New Threads

Before creating threads you need to fix the lock on the vise to prevent the bolt/object from moving. If the bolt or object is attached properly, it will be easy for you to get whole threads from the die.

When creating threads, the metal that you use for cutting might produce heat, so make sure that you apply lubricating oil. Now place the die on the object horizontally, use the wrench to guide the die and bolt, position the die on the top. By moving the wrench, you will create new threads.

Then reverse the operation by half a turn after several turns of the die. Each revolution will create new threads. The revolution will also clean all of the threads, and make the die cut simple.

Turn the wrench over and check where the bolt goes through the die. Continue turning wrench until you achieve the desired thread number.

Rod Into Bolt

You can also use a die to make regular steel into a bolt. In order to do this, the rod has to have a beveled end. The die won’t work if the rod has flat ends on it. If you need to, you can use a grinder to get the beveled end.

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Also, don’t forget the lubricant oil when creating your threads. Move the die slowly and patiently. If you’re too fast and unstable, the entire process will be ruined, which means you can’t start over. You will need a new rod, as the other one is made obsolete by your action.

Hole Tap

To start, place the tap into the appropriate specialized wrench. Tighten it to avoid moving it. In order to create the hole with tap and die sets, you have to know the size of the tap drill, the number of threads on the object per inch, the screw size, the size of the tap, the size of the object. 

When you have identified this information, reverse the tap every several turns, and lube as you create the hole. Without lubing the hole, you can leave rough edges that are less than wanted for in the environment for the hole itself.

The Set Explained

Now that you know what the tap and die set is, and how to use it – you are well on your way to finding the best possible application for it in your renewed toolbox. 

You might have come to realize that a tap and die set can be used for many things, your imagination being the only limitation. However, it’s still important to understand that some tools are better than others for specific tasks. As long as you recognize where the tap and die set is capable, and where it is incapable – then you will find great use of it. 

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