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At the Car Wash: 8 Reasons Why Cars Need Frequent Cleaning

Over two billion cars are washed in the U.S every year. 

There are many reasons why we should regularly give our cars a deep-clean whether professionally or by ourselves. If you’re unsure how or why to clean your car, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are eight reasons why you need a car wash.

Key Reasons for a Car Wash 

A car wash has many advantages whether it’s for you or your passengers. Regular cleaning also improves the mechanics of your car and saves you money over time. Consider these, for example:

1. Creates a Healthier Environment 

Avoid leaving food or drink waste in your car as it can harbor bacteria. You can contract these by inhalation so you frequently vacuum the interior and tackle high-touch areas with disinfectant wipes.

You should also replace your vehicle’s cabin filter so the air is fresh and you stay healthy.

2. Keeps Your Car’s Resale Value

Car exterior cleaning keeps the vehicle’s resale value as it prevents rust build-up or corrosion. Both of these processes are irreversible. And the cleaner your car, the easier it is to sell or trade at a used car dealership.

3. A Dirty Car Is Dangerous

A dirty car can put your life in danger. For instance, watermarks make it difficult for drivers to see out of their windshield or side mirrors which drastically reduces your reaction time if you’re in an accident. 

Plus, clutter could block your sight or make it harder for your foot to press the pedal so keeping the interior clean is crucial.

4. Helps You Avoid Embarrassing Situations 

A recent survey found over 51% of Americans would end the first date early if their date showed up in a dirty car. 

It’s embarrassing to have a cluttered car, especially as a first impression. Clearing a messy backseat is inevitable occasionally but if it’s a common occurrence, clean it to show consideration and respect to your passengers.

5. Dirt and Grime Damages Your Car’s Finish

If you live in a cold climate, rain and snow can destroy your car’s finish. A new paint job can cost thousands so you must take care of your vehicle. For instance,  learn how to thoroughly clean your car especially the exterior. 

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6. May Cost You a Job

A spotless car isn’t part of the job description but maintaining a clean vehicle is crucial for many roles. For instance, you may drive clients and customers in your own vehicle so the interior and exterior must be pristine to make a good impression.

If not, it could cost you the position.

7. Better Mental Health

The average American spends 18 days driving a year with an average of 8-hours and 22-minutes per week.

Because of this, it’s important to keep the interior clean. Not only does it affect your physical health but it lets you stay focused and organized.

8. Improved Fuel Efficiency 

When there’s a layer of dirt on your engine, it increases your vehicle’s drag. As a result, you burn through more fuel which costs more.

This proves you must regularly wash the exterior of your car to improve your fuel economy.

How to Clean Your Car

Once you understand the benefits of interior car cleaning and maintaining a pristine exterior, it’s important to know how to do it. 

You can either hire a professional or do so yourself so consider these instructions. Like these, for example:

Evaluate Your Car’s Condition

Before splurging on a range of cleaning agents, determine how dirty your car is. This is so you can stock up on the necessary tools.

An older car may need waxes, polishes, and clays to preserve the paint whereas a newer vehicle may need a touch-up wash.

Wash the Wheels 

Mix a wheel-cleaning agent with water. Then, pour this into a spray bottle. Spritz the wheels with the formula, rinse off any cleaner, and repeat until fully clean.

Wash and Wax the Car’s Body

Get a bucket of hot, soapy water but choose soap specialized for washing cars as liquid detergents strip away wax and damages the paintwork.

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Rinse your car to remove larger parts of dirt then wipe down with the soapy water. Then dry off your car with a microfiber towel as the wax won’t be able to stick.

Wax enhances your paintwork and it’s a protectant that blocks UV rays so the paint doesn’t fade. It also prevents anything corrosive, like bird droppings, to harm the paint.

Clean the Floor Mats

Before cleaning your car’s carpet, remove floor mats. Next, use a medium-stiff brush to remove any dirt. If you have stains on the car’s floor, spray a carpet cleaner on the mark and rub it in until it’s fully absorbed.

Scrub Car Seats

It’s important to learn how to clean car seats to remove odors and give your interior a refreshed look. Whether your seats are leather or vinyl upholstery, this company has the best solution for car seats. Clean your seats at least once a month for the best results.

Clean the Front Panel and Dashboard

If you want to learn how to clean the dashboard of a car, look no further. 

Wipe down the front panel and dashboard with a microfiber cloth or vacuum any dirt or grime. You should also wipe down these surfaces with a cloth sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner. 

Complete the car wash by sanitizing surfaces with disinfectant wipes, and add an air freshener to tackle any odors.

That’s How to Have a Successful Car Wash

Now you know how to give your car a proper car wash.

You must thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your car to establish a good first impression, save fuel, and extend your vehicle’s lifespan. It’s easy to clean your car yourself but if you’re unsure, hire a professional for a deep-clean.

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