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How Much Do Rims Cost? A Guide on the Average Prices

You just rolled off the lot in your new car. It’s clean, it’s waxed. Everybody’s head turns as they catch your shiny, new whip out of the corner of their eye.

And then the thought hits you: “putting some rims on this bad boy will really take it to the next level!”

But how much do rims cost? Dealerships only offer a few different types, but if you’re shopping on your own, the number of types and different prices can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry. We’re here to break it down for you.

Let’s talk about your new rims.

Material and Size

Are you looking to replace an original rim, or are you looking for something more stylish? The cost of your rims is going to depend on the style, material, and size of the rim. 

Steel rims are the most basic rims you can buy. You can generally find steel rims for between $30 and $50 per rim. The prices start to go up as you move into aluminum or chrome rims.

In addition to design, and material, the price of rims will also change due to size. Anything up to an 18-inch wheel is considered standard, but once you start to look at bigger rims, the price goes up dramatically. You will see another price increase once you start to look at rims over 22 inches as well.


There are a wide variety of designs when it comes to rims. Ultimately, you have to decide what kind of look you want for your vehicle. Here are some of the options you have to choose from:

  • ATV/UTV rims: not necessarily a style, but if you have an off-road vehicle you’re looking to customize, this is where you’d be shopping – $30-$200
  • Chrome: These will get you a shine on your car that will turn heads – $35-$750
  • Machined: More intricate designs that get your wheels noticed – $50-$300
  • Mesh: Understated rims that add stylish function to your vehicle – $50-$570
  • Modular: Where classic and modern design meet – $45-$350
  • Multi-spoke: Eye-catching rims with multi-spoke design – $30-$750
  • Painted: Add personality to your rims with a variety of colors to match your car – $32-$750
  • Passenger: Add function and style to your “everyday driver” – $35-$750
  • Split-spoke: Add flair to the traditional multi-spoke design with split spokes – $50-$750
  • Trailer: Rims designed to support the heavy weight of your boat, RV, or camper – $40-$200
  • Truck Rims: Specifically designed for your truck or SUV – $35-$570
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It all boils down to your personal preference. There’s a wide variety of wheel designs, sizes, and materials to fit every budget. Just remember to factor the cost of tires into your rim budget as well.

All About Tires

Rims and tires go hand-in-hand. Certain types of rims are going to require you to buy new tires. Some rims can handle standard tires, while others need to be paired with a custom tire.

If you’re not changing the size of your rim, you may not even need new tires. Just replace the old rims and have the wheel shop put the same tires on them. Once the tires are balanced and rotated, you should be good to go.

You’re going to need new tires, though, if you’re upgrading the size of your rims or putting rims on a new vehicle. If this car is your day-to-day vehicle, you’ll be able to get away with a moderately-priced tire.

Something standard by a brand like Cooper or Michelin. However, if you’re putting rims on a high-performance vehicle, you’re going to need a high-performance tire. If that’s the case, you will be looking at a set of Pirelli tires or motegi wheels. They can add to the price tags when calculating how much do rims cost.

These tires are typically “lo-pro” or low profile tires. They’re characterized by a thinner rubber sidewall on the tire.

You can tell the difference by looking at them because they will look different than a normal car. You’ll notice a “lo-pro” tire because the car’s wheels will mostly be made of the rim and the tire will be very thin.

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Low profile tires add a nice look to your car, but be prepared to spend more money for them. But if you’re buying the type of car that requires them, chances are you can afford them.

How Much Do Rims Cost

At this point, we’re sure you’ve realized that there’s some research involved in buying a new set of rims. You’re going to want to ask yourself some questions.

What type of car are these rims for? How big do you want them to be?

What kind of driving do you do with this car? What material rim is best for that type of driving? What’s my budget?

All of this information needs to be factored in when making a decision on which rims to buy. If you’re someone who likes to switch out cars often, this can become an expensive endeavor.

Balling On a Budget

If you want the newest set of rims on your car, but quickly realize you’re in over your head once you start researching, there is still an option for you: financing.

There are companies out there that will finance, or rent, a set of rims to you. It may sound crazy, but it’s something that could come in handy if you really want rims right now, or plan on changing out your cars regularly.

Terms and inventory vary based on location, but a quick Google search will find you all of the rim rental establishments nearby and you can have new rims on your car in no time at all.

Off to the Races

We hope we’ve given you some things to think about when searching how much do rims cost. Rims have gotten more popular and more expensive in recent years, so planning what you want on your car goes a long way. But we’re sure after reading this, you’re able to make the best decision possible for your car, style, and budget.

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