The Lamborghini Forsennato Concept

The 10 Best Supercars in the World Right Now

Lamborghini sold just over 8,000 cars globally last year.

This number is a fraction compared with mass car producers. It shows us that the supercar owners club is indeed very elite. 

Purchasing a supercar is a major investment for anyone. If you are considering this, what are your options in the year 2020? What are the best supercars in the world right now?

Why not follow our in-depth article to find out. 

1. McLaren 720S

If you are new to driving supercars, then McLaren is a great place to start.

This is a supercar with all mod cons. It is incredibly powerful with over 700 horsepower on offer, yet it has hs been engineered with an intuitive display and is very easy to drive. This tops our list as it is faster, handles better, and is easier to drive than its contemporaries.

2. Ferrari F8 Tributo

Ferrari may tell us that the F8 Tributo is the replacement for the 488 GTB. But in actual fact, it is much more. The engineering in the engine has been improved so much that you could consider this a whole new car. 

The F8’s v8 turbocharger kicks out over 700 hp. Yet because of the Variable Boost Management system, you barely feel it when the turbo kicks in. The smooth uptake means that you have all the access to the torque without the neck-breaking turbo boost. A classy touch on a classy car.

3. Lamborghini Huracán Evo

Lamborghini has long been amongst the most elegant and expensive supercar manufacturers. The Huracan is the entry-level model. However, it is by no means a low-grade supercar. It comes with a naturally aspirated v10 engine.

If this was not enough, it has a reputation for over-achieving in terms of acceleration and speed. If you want a car that packs a punch but also turns every head that it passes, this is the supercar for you.

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4. Ford GT

The Ford GT’s racing pedigree is heavily influenced by the Le Mans endurance race.

In the last decades, Ford has won this taxing race a number of times. They then take this same technology and invest it in a road car. The results are explosive. 

The Ford GT comes with a647 hp engine coming from a v6. However, don’t think that this is just American muscle. It glides along the road as smoothly as any supercar and holds its class as much as any foreign import.

5. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

The second Lamborghini on our list, the Aventador SVJ, is a monster that produces 759 hp from its 12 cylinder engine.

Not only a powerhouse, but the Aventador also packs the usual Lamborghini looks. This is also one of the widest cars on the list. It demands attention and carries its own atmosphere as any classic Lamborghini would.

6. Noble M600

If you really want to join an elite class of supercar owners, you may want to steer clear of some of the main brand names. Noble is an ultra-low volume supercar producer that is located in Britain. 

Noble focuses on the raw elements that make up a supercar. They do away with automatic gearbox technology to keep the power and torque of the car in your hands.

They avoid electronic driver aids in favor of an efficient engine that gives you the super engine experience rather than the supercar feel. This is a car for the purists.

7. Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin is synonymous with luxury living ever since it began to appear in the James Bond movie franchise.

They will again release a Vanquish into the world with this year after showing it off at the Geneva motor show in 2019. This is a v6 sleek and classy supercar that will cost you a little over $300,000.

8. Ferrari SF90 Stradale

The SF90 Stradale is touted to be the fastest accelerating Ferarri in the companies history.

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Packing a twin-turbo V8 that will be complemented by an array of electric motors, SF90 drivers will be happy to see that this car will reach up to 986 hp.

9. Aston Martin Valhalla

Aston Martin has chosen a particularly epic name for this smaller supercar, and rightly so. It may not pack a v12 engine, but it is promising to get over 900 hp out of its v6 engine. This will be a clear rival for the also fast Ferarri SF90. 

One reason it can punch out so much performance is its lightweight build. Designers have generously made use of carbon fiber in its construction. Despite its supercar features this will be a vehicle that is suited for roads.

10. BMW M1

BMW does not often foray into the supercar sector.

However, the M1 is likely to change that. While BMW has shown a number of concept cars in recent years, not many of them have seen the light of day. 

BMW is promising to change this. The M1 will be a 4 cylinder petrol engine complemented by electric motors. It could even get you from 6-60 in under 3 seconds. Not bad for a hybrid.

It will be a true hybrid and drivers will have the option of driving in pure electric mode – thought to have a range of about 60 miles. At other times drivers can switch to the combustion engine. This is a supercar for the future.

The Best Supercars in the World and Much More

If you are looking to turn heads or burn rubber on your local track, then the best supercars in the world are waiting for you.

Packed with the latest in performance technology and the sleekest looks, these cars will certainly impress everyone you drive past.

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