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5 of the Best Upgrades for Your Car to Take Your Ride to the Next Level

Is your vehicle living in the past?

When you truly love a car, it’s hard to move on to something new. It could be how it drives, how it makes you feel when you drive it, or maybe the manufacturer did something to the newer models that you’re just not into.

Whatever the reason, it’s okay to get attached to one car. As long as you’re taking decent care of it then it’ll drive, but eventually, you’re going to want to upgrade a few things.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the best upgrades for your car that’ll improve its functionality, driveability, and just make it more fun for you. Have the best of both worlds and update your current car today.

1. Tires

Upgrading your tires is an easy and relatively cheap thing that you can do to your car to improve handling and thus safety. A better grip on the road makes for a more enjoyable driving experience no matter what your car has under the hood. If your tires don’t cut it, it’s all for nothing.

High-performance tires are great, but if you live in a wintry place, then you’ll need to switch to winter tires in the colder months.

2. Infotainment

If you’ve got a car of a certain age, you’ve probably taken a ride in your friend’s new Tesla and thought, “wow, I wish I had all of these gadgets!” Well, you might not be able to install an autonomous driving system, but you can install an infotainment system to bring you closer to the present.

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A touch screen with some new speakers can revolutionize that morning commute to work and make driving in general more fun.

3. Brakes

Swapping out the factory brake pads and the rubber brake lines for brake pads designed for your driving style will help you feel your brakes more. Stainless steel brake lines can also help. Quality brake pads are only a couple of hundred dollars and they’ll last a lot longer than cheap ones.

Rubber brake lines can bend and make your brake pedal seem stubborn. If you like feeling your brakes at work, use stainless steel.

4. ECU Flash

The factory-installed engine control unit (ECU) in your car is the thing that regulates the fuel to air mixture in the engine in order to maximize power and efficiency. However, the factory will almost always program this to short-change your engine’s power potential.

If you reprogram this to use more power, you can unlock some truly amazing performance features in your car and sometimes improve gas mileage.

5. Windows

Another easy upgrade you can make is to your windows. Specifically, tinted windows are nice when it comes to glare as you’re driving towards the sun. They also offer much better privacy. When you go to a qualified company like Fort Collins Window Tint, you can get a great tint for an affordable price.

The Best Upgrades for Your Car Are Personal

These are some of the best upgrades for your car, but different people want different things out of their vehicles. One person might want a window tint, while someone else might just want a new stereo system. Assess your car’s performance and figure out the best upgrades for you.

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