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8 Benefits of Using Cantilever Racks for Storage

With US manufacturing building up again and some 2.3 trillion dollars being generated by the sector domestically, warehouses are stocking up on everything from logs to PVC. While all of that build-up is a good thing for the economy, it does present unique challenges to people that are in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Do you run a business that’s having trouble keeping your whorehouse floor organized because you’re storing hard to manage materials like pipes or other long/weighty things? If you answered “yes” to that question, we hope that you’ve heard of cantilever racks.

Cantilever racks are quickly becoming construction/manufacturing’s favorite solution to today’s worst storage problems. From outstanding versatility to unmatched durability, cantilever racks bring a number of benefits to a facility’s floor.

Here are 8 reasons why you should be investing in them.

1. Storage That’s Specifically Designed for Long Items

Long items are the bane of most storage facility’s existence. In an effort to come up with creative and efficient solutions to storing unconventional materials like logs, we’ve seen construction warehouses do things like build pyramids that are held together with ropes or tie-down clamps.

While solutions like these work, they’re hard to scale and are accident-prone.

Cantilever rack’s extendable arms and wide bases make it so whether you’ve got lumber to stack or steel sheets that need organizing, you can get the materials that drive your business stored quickly and safely.

2. Weight Isn’t an Issue

One of the primary reasons why people don’t put their uniquely sized materials up on racks is because they’re too heavy to support. Lumber, for example, can weigh over 76 pounds per cubic foot!

Given that these cantilever racks may be able to hold tens of thousands of pounds depending on your configuration, no matter how heavy your materials are, you should be able to get them stored.

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3. Built to Maximize Space

Buying warehouses isn’t cheap. So then, when your warehouse fills up, what are you going to do? Take on a massive loan to scoop up a new one?

Before you start burying yourself in debt, invest in some cantilever racks and marvel at how much space they save you with their ability to stack. You could stack racks all the way to your roof which will clear up your warehouse’s floor and perhaps double your facility’s storage capacity.

4. Accessibility

Cantilever racks are by far the easiest racks to access via forklift. These racks are open-faced and can have their contents picked up by machinery without having to make any adjustments to the way that your materials are housed.

Consider how much time your team could save by not having to untie clamps or unlock crates to transport things. That time savings by itself could pay for your investment.

5. Installation Is Rudimentary

You don’t need to hire a team of engineers to get a network of cantilever racks set up around your warehouse. Despite the ingenuity of these rack’s design, putting them together won’t require any more brainpower than you’d use when throwing together a standard piece of furniture.

Installation is just a matter of bolting steel arms into your rack’s frame and making sure that your frame is securely set to ensure that tipping isn’t a possibility.

6. There Are a Ton of Reconfiguration Options

Cantilever racks are every bit as easy to modify as they are to install. For example, if you have large, rounded materials that need additional overhead clearance and flat materials that need less, you can bolt your rack’s arms in place to best meet your storage needs.

What if you have smaller items like boxes that you’d like to store on your racks in addition to long items?

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While cantilever racks do have spaces between each of their arms which don’t naturally accommodate the storage of smaller items, you can easily affix metal or wood flooring across those arms to store boxes like you would with standard warehouse shelving.

7. You’ll Be in Lockstep with Industry Standards

If you want your warehouse crew to be able to come in on their first day and know how to operate, buying cantilever racks is a good idea. That’s because a ton of warehouses that deal with obscurely sized materials are using them.

By keeping your warehouse in line with what the rest of the industry is doing, you’ll reduce learning curves for your group which will boost productivity and reduce the chances of accidents.

8. Cantilever Racks Save You Money

Money is the driving consideration behind most of the decisions that you make when running a business. To that end, cantilever racks have your back.

Optimizing your warehouse’s space. Reducing the chance of accidents that result in lawsuits or worker’s compensation claims. Hastening the rate in which you’re able to load up trucks that are transporting your materials…

No matter what it is that you’re looking for, you’ll get it and a bevy of other cost-saving benefits when you ditch your current rack infrastructure and upgrade to cantilever racks.

Stop Reading and Start Upgrading

By this point, we hope that we’ve turned you onto the fact that there’s no downside to using cantilever racks in your business setting. Whatever your needs are, whether they’re unique or run-of-the-mill, with a couple of slight modifications, cantilever racks will have you covered.

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