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The Best Time to Buy a Car: How to Get Big Sales and Save Money

77 million cars are going to be sold worldwide by the end of the year. Are you going to be among the group of people that pick up a new set of wheels before New Years?

If you are, you’re probably hoping to get the best deal possible.

Being comfortable negotiating is a huge component of a successful car-buying experience. What a lot of people don’t understand is that knowing the best time to buy a car can also have an impact on the overall value of your purchase.

Below, we break down the five best times of the year to consider car shopping.

1. Whenever You’re Not Desperate to Buy

There’s no¬†worse time to buy a car than when you’re desperate for one. Desperation means that you lose all leverage in negotiation and, without leverage, you’re going to overpay for your vehicle every time.

Don’t visit a car lot after your car breaks down. Visit a lot just before you need a new car so you feel confident walking away from a bad deal.

2. Around Memorial Day

As summer starts, a lot of people are going to be shopping for new wheels. You might think that would drive prices up. Fortunately, given the competitiveness of the auto industry and aggressiveness Memorial Day sales, you can actually land a good deal during this time.

Keep an eye out for Memorial Day offers and, if you see one that you like, snap it up.

3. The Beginning of the Work Week

Mondays are statistically the best time to buy a car during a typical week. That’s because Mondays are slow at dealerships which means that you have more time to negotiate and your sales rep will be more inclined to make a deal.

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4. Towards the End of the Year

When October rolls into town, dealers start receiving next year’s inventory of new cars. Last year’s unsold inventory will need to make way for those new shipments since space on lots is limited.

To help get rid of old inventory, dealers promote car clearance sales on current models.

5. Black Friday

We all know that Black Friday is the best pricing day of the year. It’s also the best time to buy a car if cost is your primary consideration.

Sure, Black Friday can lead to pandemonium on car lots. If you’re open to battling the crowds though, you could drive away with a great deal.

Now That You Know the Best Time to Buy a Car, Mark Your Calendar and Get Shopping

Cars present more value to consumers now more than ever thanks to their low prices and outstanding features. Now that you know the best time to buy a car, pick the date that you’re going to hit your local lot and see if you can find the wheels of your dreams!

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