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The 10 Best Classic American Cars Ever Made

Few things feel as “American” as a good old classic car. Packed with nostalgia and style, these vehicles are unforgettable.

With so many to choose from, some models likely get lost in the mix, unless you happen to go to lots of classic car shows. If you aren’t exposed to a wide range of older cars, chances are a few specific models stick in your mind as “the classics.”

Throughout the years these vehicles have remained in social memory, and for good reason, too. Some were breakthrough vehicles. One even inspired a well-known horror author.

When considering all these great, vintage cars, it’s hard to choose the best classic American cars, but we’ve ventured to do just that. Here’s our list of the top ten classic American cars ever made.

1. 1947 Chevrolet 3100

Few cars pack more of a nostalgic punch than this Chevrolet. This classic truck was the first new vehicle to be produced by General Motors after the war. It was also the first new truck to hit America post-war.

This half-ton commercial truck was powerful and trustworthy, with a six-cylinder engine. It included integrated headlights and more cab space, which started a trend. Once this truck hit the streets, other companies started redesigning.

2. 1955-1958 Chevrolet Cameo

These classic cars are absolutely gorgeous, perfectly providing comfort while doing it in style. They weren’t short on speed, either.

Suitable for use on a farm or at a fancy nightclub, these cars were versatile. They didn’t last long though, due to their high cost. If you see one of these today, you’re looking at a car that’s not just a classic: it’s also rare.

3. 1935 Chevrolet Suburban

Here’s one classic car that made history without knowing it. Originally introduced as the Suburban Carryall, the Suburban was essentially America’s first SUV.

This family car included three rows of seating, enough room for eight people. The seating was surrounded by an all-metal body, a new feature at the time. Windows ran all around the vehicle, providing an outside view for all passengers.

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There wasn’t anything specifically geared toward utility in this vehicle, but this truck opened the door to America’s beloved SUVs.

If you’re one of the many current owners of a Chevrolet Suburban, make sure you find a great mechanic to keep it up and running!

4. 1978 Ford Bronco

The Bronco is one of America’s most recognizable classic cars. The 1978 version was larger than previous Broncos.

The design was based on the F-100 pickup but had a shortened body. It featured a removable top, a rear bench that folded forward, and a rear glass panel that completely retracted electrically into the tailgate.

It also featured round headlights (except for the Ranger XLT trim version), and a powerful V8 engine. This Bronco included a solid front axle, but it was one of the last to do so.

This classic car is so popular you can still buy it today. Shop now to get one for yourself!

5. 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

This 1950s car is all about style. It offered options that not many people had seen in the ’50s, including power windows and seats.

This two-doored vehicle sported a hardtop design and was clearly a luxury car. So luxurious it included a glove box cocktail kit.

6. 1955 Ford Thunderbird

First produced in 1955, the Ford Thunderbird was a competitor to the well-known Corvette. The Thunderbird was a convertible, allowing passengers to enjoy their luxury cruise in the open air if they desired.

This car is so classic it’s been featured on a postage stamp. It’s also been used in other American media, including films and advertising materials.

When it was first produced, the Thunderbird was marketed as a “personal car,” in order to appeal to a wider audience.

7. 1959 Ford Galaxie

This classic Ford was a favorite of both Elvis Presley and Fidel Castro and was popular in Cuba. Though similar to the Thunderbird in ways, it had a style all its own.

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Lots of stainless steel and chrome gave the body a flashy look, and many options were available. These included air conditioning; multi-colored wheel covers; and power steering, front seat, windows, and breaks.

8. 1958 Plymouth Fury

This car isn’t just a classic in its own right, it also inspired a classic author. The world gained Stephen King’s “Christine” thanks to this vehicle.

The Fury is seen as a classic muscle car, but it actually isn’t one. It’s just a classic.

9. 1969 Chevrolet Corvette ZL-1

Our list of classic cars wouldn’t be complete without a Corvette. And this model is particularly worth mentioning.

Only two 1969 Corvettes were ever produced with the all-aluminum ZL-1 engine That’s right, two. In other words, this is one of the rarest vehicles you’ll ever see.

10. 1969 Dodge Charger

The 1969 Charger utilized the existing Charger body design but had some notable changes. These included a new style of grille and a taillight treatment.

Available in several different models, you could purchase the base version of the Charger, one of the two racing editions, or choose from other options. All models featured a hard top and two-doored body.

The Most Classic American Cars

With cars playing such an important role in America’s history, and it’s social interest, it’s hard to choose which classic cars are the best. But these ten are definitely among the most classic American cars.

Each tells a story all its own, and each is set in American memory. Hopefully, now you’ll know a bit more about them whenever you encounter them, whether in a show or on the road.

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