person applying a car decal

Fixing Up Your Car: The Top Benefits of a Car Decal

What if you could build your brand every time you leave the house?

We all know that traditional marketing and advertising can be very expensive. However, a car decal provides a practical way to advertise just about anything.

In fact, there are plenty of awesome benefits to using a car decal. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Build the Brand

If you’re thinking of getting decals for cars, then you have something you want to advertise. And car decals are one of the best ways for you to organically build a brand.

Think about standard promotional items like handbags. They are marketing magic for a simple reason: anyone who sees the bag out in public will become interested in the brand.

With car decals, you get that same effect on the road instead of in a mall or boutique. Every single commuter and hungry lunch hour driver who sees your car will see your giant, mobile advertisement.

It even gives a silver lining to heavy traffic. After all, everyone now has more time to read your decal!

Easy to Apply

Some people are wary of car decals because they think it is difficult to put on the car. After all, good decals are as effective as a paint job, and most people don’t have the skill to paint a car to a high standard.

You can put those fears away: it’s actually very easy to apply a car decal. And if you’re worried about making a mistake, there are a handful of easy steps you can take to ensure decal success.

Want to avoid mistakes when applying your decal? The best way to avoid mistakes is to read more about it.

Low Cost

Earlier, we mentioned having your car professionally painted. There are two problems with this: the paint is permanent, and paint jobs are very expensive.

That brings us to one of the best benefits of getting custom decals. Simply put, this is one of the cheapest possible ways for you to market your business!

Just look around town next time you are driving. You’ll notice that even the smallest businesses can afford to get custom decals for their ride.

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And the combination of low cost and high effectiveness really pays off when it comes to these decals. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better marketing ROI for as long as you live.

Endless Possibilities

We’ve used the term “custom decals.” But have you stopped to think about what this means? In terms of advertising, you now have endless possibilities.

For example, some people use the car decal to create a kind of mobile billboard. That means large, eye-catching imagery, a slogan, and details like the business phone number.

But you can also incorporate elements like website URLs to get new visitors for your site. Or use the decal to encourage customers to follow you on social media.

You can even incorporate things like QR codes that encourage people to walk right up to your car. This helps build their interest in your business and brand to a fever pitch.

Tax Benefits

You are ultimately getting a car decal to help boost your bottom line. And this is especially true when tax time rolls around!

The car decal “counts” as advertising in the same way that advertisements do. That means that you can write the decal off as a business expense when submitting your taxes.

Unfortunately, you can’t write off the entire car. But being able to write off the expenses associated with the decal means that you really have nothing to lose by using car decals as a form of advertisement.

Guru Status

The term is a bit overused now, but every customer is looking for a “guru.” When they are interested in a product, they want to hear more about it from the people who have the most information.

When it comes to your business, you have more information than anyone else. But here’s the real question: how can anyone tell?

They don’t know who you are or what you do until you have a long conversation with every prospective customer. Face it: this is inconvenient and takes up too much time.

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With a car decal, your vehicle becomes an extension of your business. It’s the Batmobile to your Batman!

All it takes is one look at your car for everyone to know you’re the expert. After that, the customers will be coming to you instead of you trying to get their attention.

First Impression

Growing up, parents and teachers always tell us how there’s no second chance to make a first impression. And once you go into business for yourself, you find out how true the expression really is.

We love car decals because they create that first impression in a big and bold way. They aren’t seeing your business as a tiny business card or the corner of a newspaper. Instead, your business is in color and larger-than-life!

Once customers see your commitment to marketing, they’ll know what a commitment you have to your business. And that confidence converts curious drivers into your future customers.

Easy Engagement

In business, we talk a lot about the importance of customer engagement. Nonetheless, business owners often struggle to find organic ways to engage their customers.

However, car decals provide easy and effortless engagement. This is mostly due to what we mentioned before: the endless possibilities of the sticker content.

If you want website traffic, give them your URL. If you want direct calls, provide a phone number. Whatever you do, make sure your car decal shows customers how accessible you and your business are.

By making access easy, you make engagement easy. And everything else takes care of itself.

Car Decal Benefits: The Bottom Line

Now you know how a car decal can benefit your business. But do you know who can help you if that car stops running?

We are the real gurus when it comes to car repair. If your vehicle is acting up, come check out our online repair manuals today!