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5 Amazing Reasons You Will Love the New Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Imagine this: You have a beautiful car with an ingenious design and insane speed.

Well, you don’t have to just imagine this vehicle anymore. Revealed at the 2018 LA Auto Show, the all-new Porsche 911 GT2 RS is the fastest Porsche 911 Model the company has to offer. 

But fast is just the tip of the iceberg for this car lover’s dream ride. Keep reading for 5 reasons you will love the all-new Porsche 911, and why you’ll want one for yourself.

Aerodynamic Design

If you weren’t sure about this model before, you’ll be searching for a GT2 RS for sale in no time when you find out how fast this car is. Hitting 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds, this model’s speed can be pinned to the aerodynamic design of the vehicle.

Despite its typical 911 build, the body is more accentuated than older models. Outfitted with NACA ducts and fenders sporting rear intercooler ducts, these are just a few of the features that make this car effortlessly fast.

A bench-like rear wing meant to ground the rear wheels and the rear diffuser generate almost 900 pounds of downforce – a necessity for this rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

Lightweight Build

Another component of the car’s speed is how light it is. The 911 GT2 RS weighs in at 3,241 pounds, with weight cut in every place you could imagine.

The exhaust system cheated 15 pounds with its titanium build. The magnesium roof and carbon fiber layer coating much of the exterior allows the vehicle to weigh less and thus move quicker.

Most Horsepower To Date

The Porsche 911 horsepower is known for its intensity, but at 700 hp, this is one of the most powerful models yet. No one thought Porsche could top the 2011’s 911 model at 620 hp, but they have worked their magic once again by replacing the older model’s 3.6-liter engine with the more powerful 3.8-liter engine.

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But the size of the engine is only part of it. The masterminds at Porsche pushed an extra 150 hp out of the 3.8-liter engine on this model by adding two huge turbochargers.

They also added a top-tier cooling system that reduces the combustion cylinders’ temperature with water. Intermittent misted water combines with the compressed air moving into the combustion cylinders. Cooler combustion cylinders mean more power from the car.

Auditory Bliss

The 911 GT2 RS and its signature sound would not be complete without the other. The 911 has a distinct sound that is like music to the car lover’s ears. The sound is so important that the engineering team who makes Porsche test the rich, varying frequencies of each engine to make sure it’s perfect.

Under the Hood

What’s most responsible for this car’s greatness is the machinery making it operate. The PDK dual-clutch transmission allows for some serious throttle action – while also keeping you from a rear-facing collision on the shoulder of the road.

Trying it for Yourself

Whether you’re a car expert or just someone who appreciates an insanely fast, well-made sports car, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is a top choice for everyone. Go find a Porsche dealer near you today and get the best car of your life.