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Top 4 Best Cars for Winter Weather Driving

Driving in winter weather is a dangerous business.

Indeed, statistically speaking, you’re 20% more likely to have an accident during the winter months.

Whether you’re in snow, sleet, ice, rain or fog, winter conditions simply don’t make for easy driving conditions. Vision, traction and handling all become harder. Thankfully, having the right car can make all the difference.

Want to find out the cars that are best-suited to wintery conditions?

Keep reading to discover 4 of the best cars for winter weather driving.

1. Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a fine example of a non-SUV that’s ideas for the winter season.

Packing four-wheel drive you’ve got sufficient traction and drive to navigate the worse conditions. There’s nothing particularly fancy about the design work. However, you can’t go wrong in terms of functionality.

It’s a large car, made of tough, durable materials that will stand up well to difficult driving. This is a reliable estate that packs better acceleration than many other cars on this list.

2. Dacia Duster

The Duster is another top pick for winter.

The option of the four-wheel drive means rough, slippery and/or snowy roads shouldn’t be a problem. Likewise, the 200mm of ground clearance provides sufficient height to navigate true wintery hurdles. Aesthetically appealing, the comfortable interior means you’ll be kept cozy against any storms raging outside.

It’s worth mentioning the price tag too. The Dacia Duster comes in at a fraction of the price-tag for other SUVs. That makes it a great all-around package.

3. Volvo V90 Cross Country

Previous cars left you thinking ‘I want to junk my car for cash’?

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Not with the Volvo V90. This is a rough and ready four-wheel-drive station wagon that’ll see you through winter without issue.

They’re also good-looking cars with masses of aesthetic appeal. Combine that with a rugged design and quality materials, and you’ve got yourself a winning car.

You’ll enjoy the solid ground clearance too. Like the Dacia, that makes for effective navigation of bumps and humps you come across.

4. Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a luxury solution to winter driving.

As at home in the city as the countryside, it has the power and ability to overcome most challenges thrown at it. This is a big vehicle with tires to match, making traction less of an issue in slippery conditions. However, the major boon is its terrain responsive system.

This allows the car to breeze over all manner of obstacles other cars simply couldn’t. It adapts automatically to mud and snow, giving you the best driving style for either.

Stay Safe When Winter Weather Driving

There you have it: the top 4 best cars for winter weather driving.

Winter weather is fraught with potential driving hazards. From snow to sleet, and ice on the road, there’s a lot of opportunity to mishaps. Thankfully, the right car can make a big difference to your ability to ‘weather the storm’.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted the top options out there to help serve this purpose.

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