Water For Gas Problems

I have received a lot of e-mail, and some great responses from my posts about the problems with the water for gas system. I have received many comments from highly educated experts in the chemistry field. I would like to thank these individuals for reading my posts and taking the time to provide their opinion on the water for gas system.

I would like to address two areas of the water for gas package in today’s Post. First I would like to talk briefly about the main part or component of the water for gas system. This is known as the hydrogen generator, and by far, has the most controversy surrounding it.

The hydrogen generator uses an electrolyzer to release the hydrogen from the distilled water and baking soda mixture. It seems that most educated people feel that this system is not worth the time to build. In fact, the chemists quoted units of energy used as opposed to units of energy created. While I am not a chemist, and I do respect their research on the subject, the electrolyzer seems to be the main reason that these chemists feel the system is inefficient.

Water4gas test

water for gas problemsI did a quick multi meter test this morning and found that the electrolyzer draws less amps and voltage than the headlight system on my wife’s Toyota. A few of the responses stated that the electrolyzer pulled more energy from the alternator, which is driven by the gas engine. I will have to respectfully disagree due to this simple test with my meter.

Some of the comments stated that the electrolyzer puts more of a drain on the electrical system causing the alternator to work harder and therefore burn more fuel. Again, I respectfully disagree. I have never noticed a difference in my fuel economy when turning on my headlights, which causes the same condition as the hydrogen generator.

The water for gas system

water4gas answersThe water for gas system includes many other helpful ways to increase fuel economy that have absolutely nothing to do with a hydrogen generator. My favorite ingenious idea, included in this package was the fuel heating system. I have seen absolutely no comments or response to this part of the water for gas package.

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The fuel heater uses heat generated from the engines cooling system. This makes great use of an unused byproduct of engine combustion. The theory is that if you purchase the fuel cold from in ground tanks in a condensed state, and then heat the fuel to expand the molecules before combustion, you are getting the most bang for your gas dollar.

water4gas samplesThe water4gas system also has plans to build oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor, and manifold absolute pressure sensor enhancers. I have to be honest with you and tell you that I have not gotten to this section of the program yet and have not built or worked with these sensor-enhancing systems.

I have reviewed the theory behind them and must say that I am impressed with what I have read so far. These three sensors help the computer decide the length of injector on time. And to make a long story short, the less the injector is turned on, the better your fuel economy will be.

Addressing water for gas problems

Also in my comments section they mentioned that distilled water and baking soda could be expensive. This is another section that is addressed in the water4gas manuals. I do not want to be the mighty defender of the water for gas system, but as a purchaser of the product, I feel that sometimes it is misrepresented in comments and on message boards.

I repeat the water for gas system has problems, as indicated by my two previous posts you will find below. But even if you find fault with the hydrogen generator the water 4 gas package supplies other ways to increase your fuel economy. I would like for the chemists that commented to actually purchase the entire product and review the 300 or more pages of ideas and techniques.

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Again, I mean no disrespect to the people who are obviously smarter than me, As far as the scientific end of the equation. But we are discussing an automotive application to increase fuel economy. I am a certified master technician that is also ASE certified in alternative fuels. The water for gas collection of fantastic ideas to increase your fuel economy is a worthwhile product.

Water4gas is not a snap your fingers product!

Another problem with the water for gas system is that it’s depth of information can take a lot of man-hours to reach its full potential. The idea is to review a section and then apply those ideas and fine tune/test results from any modifications before moving on to the next section.

If you put effort into this system your reward will be increased fuel economy. In fact, I am starting to believe that the claims of doubling your gas mileage can be achieved, if enough effort is invested. This system is not for everybody because of this effort that is required to achieve maximum results. But if you ask me it is still worth taking a look at. You can view videos and testimonials, plus also view free sample pages of the water for gas system by clicking here.

I do invite your comments and appreciate your time and effort discussing this extremely important topic of increasing your fuel economy. If you are chemist, I would like to see you purchase the system and investigate the other features besides the hydrogen generator further. The e-books have a 100% money back guarantee, so you can review it and then return it if you feel it is worthless.