New Corolla Technology

Automotive Technology in the Corolla

The 1966 Toyota Corolla
The 1966 Toyota Corolla

Toyota offers a lot more automotive technology in the Corolla this year and plans to continue the trend in the future. Toyota first introduced the Corolla in Japan in 1966. They began selling the model in the United States in the summer of 1968. At the time, the model represented the bottom rung of the ladder. Despite its position as an entry-level car the Toyota Corolla provided excellent service.

This remains a big part of why the automobile in July 2003 unseated the Volkswagen beetle as the best-selling car model in the United States of all time. However, as the years and decades, pressed on the Corolla compact car has grown into a new role. With this evolution, we can no longer place the automobile on the bottom rung of the ladder. The entry level position is now owned by the Toyota Yaris.

We classify this ride as a subcompact car and it starts in the $15,000 range brand-new. This places the new Corolla above the Yaris and one rung of the ladder below the Toyota Camry. With prices for the Corolla hovering in the mid-$18,000 range, it will continue to secure this model’s position as one of the top-selling automobiles of all time.

With the Camry tipping the price scales in the $23,000 range it would take an additional five grand to step up to the next model. Therefore, the Corolla still represents the good bargain it always has. With that said, some of the technology once saved for the Camry has now trickled down to the Corolla. Here we’ll discuss some of this automotive technology in the Corolla models that will more than likely push prospective buyers to sign on the dotted line.

Toyota Corolla Standard Equipment

New Toyota Corolla
New Toyota Corolla

The standard equipment list for the Toyota Corolla remains different between the various models. This year we find no less than six individual offerings. Starting with the L at $18,000 and reaching all the way up to the XSE. The XSE has all the bells and whistles and tips the scales at just beyond the $23,000 mark.

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With pricing starting in the $19,000 range the Toyota Corolla LE includes a nice list of standard equipment. Let’s examine this model a little more as it represents one step up from the base model. Standard features for the LE include heated exterior mirrors, front knee airbags, LED headlights and a six speaker audio system with a CD player. However, one of my favorite features about all the Corolla models is the 41 inches of rear seat legroom. You can actually sit in the back of his car for an extended period of time without pain and suffering.

In the next section will get more into the Toyota Safety Sense system that becomes standard on all Corolla models. With that said the LE trim version also includes an Entune Audio system with an easy to use 6.1-inch touch-screen display. You’ll also find an integrated backup camera with projected paths that helps you navigate in tight areas. Of course you also get Toyota’s new style keyless entry remote system. The important thing to note here is you get all of these advanced features on an automobile priced at $18,895. A value that you’ll find hard to beat as you shop around for automobiles in the compact class.

New Automotive Technology in the Corolla

Technology in the Corolla
Technology in the Corolla

It’s time to take a deeper dive into the Toyota Safety Sense system. This is what Toyota has to say about it. “Designed for safety, Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) becomes standard equipment at no additional cost. Toyota Safety Sense is a bundle of active safety features on many new Toyota vehicles at no additional cost. These innovative features were designed to help protect you and your passengers from harm”.

So let’s explore some of the goodies that you find on the Corolla models. The pre-collision system uses detection hardware aimed at reducing the chances of a front end collision. It also includes a pedestrian protection feature. The safety system may even apply the brakes when it detects the possibility of a crash. Note that Toyota makes a clear statement that this system is not a substitute for attentive driving. It’s meant only to back up and enhance the safe driving experience.

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The safety system also includes a lane departure warning system. This uses a windshield mounted camera that examines the vehicle’s position within the lane. When the automobile begins to deviate from the ideal position, the driver is alerted. The camera on the windshield also integrates with the headlight system. They call these automatic high beams. The system automatically turns on and off the high beams to achieve the maximum view ability at night. It also eliminates having to remember to turn off the high beams as drivers approach from the opposite direction.

High Tech Automotive Cruise Control

Another feature included in the Toyota safety sense system is the adaptive cruise control. They call it Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. This highly technical cruise control system uses a stealth mounted radar located behind the Toyota badge on the front grille. This integrates with the previously mentioned camera on the windshield. The cruise control system uses data input of these two high tech devices to adjust your speed in real time.

This helps you maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. What this means is you no longer have to knock off the cruise and reset it multiple times in high traffic situations. You also don’t have to keep hitting the resume button to bump the speed up. Although advanced cruise control systems are all the rage you usually don’t find this automotive technology in the Corolla. With the advanced feature set found in this year’s car, Toyota has placed themselves in a position to maintain two of the top three spots for the best-selling cars in America.