Auto Service Secrets Revealed!

Quick story I had a friend of the family go into a quick lube and they sold her an air filter. 

When replacing the air filter the oil changer wiped out the air box and got distracted and left the rag in side and under the air filter. 

When he started it up the rag got sucked into the engine and bent an intake valve.  The shop did pay to have the engine fixed but the car never ran the same again. A flat rate mechanic at a dealership repaired the engine cutting corners and the car had multiple problems after the engine service. 

Most mechanics are not as good at putting engines together as the factory is. Even if they are not cutting corners. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to perform engine work properly.  Lets hit a few more common up sells from the oil change service. The repair shops like to sell coolant flushes. This will be coming to an end soon due to the now wide spread use of extended life coolants. 

Starting in the late 90’s General motors starting using a new red coolant called dexcool.  The recommended service interval is every 100,000 miles. Now all of the major manufacturers are using some kind of extended life coolant. So check your owner’s manual for service intervals. 

If you have a vehicle with the old green coolant (ethylene glycol) it is recommended to change your coolant every 30,000 miles.  So don’t approve the service until you check your owner’s manual. Remember the shop recommends it for them not for you. 

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