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One of the big differences between someone that dabbles in at-home car repair and a professional that earns a living at it, is access to professional automotive reference materials. Mechanics that have been fixing cars for any length of time know the factory provides the best information for specific cars. These technicians also know where to find this information. They’re glad to pay for it, because of the fast and accurate results it brings.

Having exclusive access to factory written materials is what provided the retail auto repair industry with the advantage it needed to offer a level of service difficult to achieve at home. The Internet age leveled the playing field between the professional technician and the weekend warrior. In the past people wishing to fix their cars at home had limited access to this information. One of the only remaining obstacles is the general public isn’t aware of the extremely high quality repair diagrams available to them today.

The factory repair manual cannot be compared to the small books that you’ll find in the local auto parts store. These only give you a brief summary of common repairs. These guides contain condensed and general information that allows for more coverage in less space. Therefore, it’s often less specific. Do you really want a $13 book that covers 10 years and several different models of vehicles? Applying those funds to auto repair materials issued from automotive manufacturers remains a better investment.

The Evolution of Car Service Manuals

300z service manualIf we go back 30 years in time, the only way to gain access to this material was to purchase a book. These were big hardcover volumes that contained static information.

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Unfortunately, they were expensive to purchase and required a lot of dedicated space to organize and store the automotive reference materials. Fast forward 10 years and this data was moved to a CD version and accessed with a personal computer. Now a wall full of books could be stored on a handful of compact discs.

Now in the present day why not store all this information in the cloud and use the same computer to access it, but without the need for discs. Here’s the interesting part. Consumers can still access manuals the way they did 30 years ago.

You could buy a book almost anywhere that covers your automobile. With that said, You could dig a little deeper and find a compact disc with factory troubleshooting information as well. However, why not try the modern method and purchase a  web-based PDF through one of the popular suppliers that offer a market place like Tradebit. Still, having this many choices can cause analysis paralysis.

The Problem with Auto Repair Manuals

AC diagnostic chart
AC diagnostic chart from Nissan repair Manual

If people want to fix their cars efficiently at home in the driveway they need access to an auto repair manual. This steers them in the right direction with logical step by step directions. Cars suddenly became just too complicated today to start guessing at what’s wrong or causing a specific problem. Professionals follow diagnostic tree charts and so should do it yourself mechanics.

Old-school mechanics like to put their hands on the book and dig for the information that way. People that embrace the modern age of the Internet go to the other extreme. These folks spend days looking for free information on how to fix car problems.

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However, if you want to have professional results the best chance at success comes when you act like a professional mechanic. These people will not waste their time looking for free information when buying it provides instant access to solve car problems right now. Thankfully, they realize that the expense of a quality auto repair manual is a good investment, because of the results it brings.

Get Automotive Reference Materials Right Now

The blog is affiliated with the Tradebit marketplace. These auto repair information portals are geared towards at-home mechanics. Visit the website and look through the vast number of vehicles covered with professional and complete work shop manuals.  See what the modern version of a service manual looks like in the short video below. Then decide if this option best suites your needs. Keep in mind, when you download a PDF repair manual it’s yours to keep.

If you want to ignore everything I just said and still want a Haynes Auto Repair Manual we got you covered. Here we provide a few links to some of the most popular print publications available through the Amazon website. After all the customer is always right.