Florida Car Show Pictures

Corvette car show
Corvette Row

In a departure from the regular articles I provide on this auto repair information blog I wanted to share some car show pictures with you. On Sunday I went to the FNC car show in Bradenton, Florida. The FNC is a local church that I am not a member of. In fact I am not a member of any local Automotive clubs either. But what I am is a car lover that has dedicated a large part of his life to the automobile.

What started out as a fascination or a hobby at the age of 16 when getting my driver’s license turned into a career spanning more than 26 years. But more importantly a hobby that is just as strong and fun to me today as it was when I was a kid.

What pushed me to write about this particular car show was I thought it was really well done. I have been to lots of car shows in my town and I have to say that often they become a painful experience. When I say painful I really should say more uncomfortable. In South Florida it’s no secret that it’s hot and humid even in the month of May.

More often than not a car show in Bradenton is held in an open blacktop parking lot. Florida is known as the sunshine State and many days there is not a single cloud in the sky. This leaves you walking around a blacktop parking lot being scorched by the mid-afternoon sun. Blacktop temperatures can reach over 130°. My girlfriend loves cars but after 15 or 20 minutes she usually starts tugging at my sleeve begging me to take her home.

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What makes a good car show?

69 Camaro SS ragtop in Canary yellow
69 SS ragtop in canary yellow

We spent the day at the FNC Florida car show and my girlfriend said can we stay longer. I have never heard her say those words at a car show. What was different about this one was the area the event was held in. The parking lot and fairgrounds have well-established rows of old oak trees that provide amazing shade for the cars and spectators. Some of the pictures that I took didn’t come out well because of this partial shade and bright sun condition, plus I have an old lousy camera. But what did come out well was our enjoyment of the show. A nice breeze and ample amounts of shade are rare in this town.

Since this event was held at a church there was more of a sense of community as opposed to people staggering around a blacktop parking lot looking for water. There was also music, door prizes and food. The show was held on Sunday after regular services so there were a good amount of friendly people walking about. Of course a nice added touch was free hot dogs, Bug juice (red Cool-aide) and bottled water for visitors. For my girlfriend she really enjoyed the hot dogs because they cooked her one up special that was extra well done. She loves blackened hotdogs.

1965 Corvette Stingray
1965 Corvette Stingray

I guess when it comes down to it and what really make a good car show are the vehicles that are on display. Although there was only about 125 cars each segment was really well represented. There was a great variety of automobiles on display. There was an REO flying cloud that I believe was the oldest vehicle of the bunch. There was also a strong showing of Corvettes starting from a mid-50s white convertible with a red interior and working its way up to a 2011 Z06.

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Often when you go to a car show you see interesting cars in the parking lot from other car show attendees. Below I included a couple of pictures of one of these cars. This would be a 1979 anniversary edition Trans Am in completely original condition. It’s a daily driven vehicle used to get to work and not restoration work has been done to the vehicle. I believe that the future collectability of a 79 anniversary edition Trans Am will increase sharply over the next couple of years. With Pontiac no longer building automobiles the product line might become more appreciated as we move forward.

I hope you enjoyed this off-subject but on topic special edition Florida car show article. I have attended many car shows all over the State, This was the first one I actually thought was worth reporting on and the first time ever my Girlfriend said lets stay longer. If you would like to get back to the auto repair information articles that this website is known for this next link takes you back to the blog home page.

1979 Pontiac Trans Am
1979 Pontiac Trans Am













10th anniversary edition Trans Am
10th anniversary edition Trans Am