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Do I Need A Throttle Body Service

People have asked me if they really need a throttle body service. I have touched on this subject in past articles but today I will go a little more in-depth. In my opinion dealership service departments and auto repair centers are recommending this service way too much. When I took my car in for the Cadillac recall the service adviser told me I needed one.

throttle body clean

Clean throttle body

When I got home I removed the air intake hose and shined a flashlight into the throttle body. It was perfectly clean and almost shiny. It most certainly didn’t need a service or cleaning. This isn’t to say a throttle body service is never needed. In fact I do believe they should be done as required.

This means a visual inspection to verify it really is needed. Therefore, if someone recommends this service to you I would ask them, why do I need it. If they tell you, because it’s dirty I would then ask them how they know.

The correct answer to this question is they removed the air intake hose and performed a visual inspection. Or they scanned the vehicle and monitored the IAC (Idle air control motor) steps at base idle. If they didn’t do this I would not purchase the service or at least seek out a second opinion.

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