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Online Auto Repair Manuals

Repair diagram

Repair diagram

George wrote in to discuss the topic of fixing check engine lights with online service manuals and inexpensive scan tools. Here’s what he said: Thanks for the response about online auto repair manuals. I understand what you mean about All-Data and Michell’s in reference to their auto repair information quality. I had looked at the two, and tried the “demo” on All-Data which actually let me view (as you know) actual info like I would get in a subscription to a particular vehicle.

The one downside I [thought] was when I looked up DTC’s and test procedures for them it always referred to the Manufacturer or Dealer type scan tool. Even though it listed, in one place, a choice of tools (manufacturer/dealer, other, etc) to view this info for, it said that info was not available for any except the Manufacturer diagnostic tool?

I got to this by clicking on the Honda demonstration vehicle since my daughter has a Honda (older than the demo, but I was looking to see what all it included). I then clicked on Power-train Management and then Computers and Control Systems all these along the left column. Then I clicked on Reading and Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes under “Testing and Inspection” in the right column.

This brought me to a page which had links to With Manufacturers Scan Tool, With Generic Scan Tool, Without Scan Tool and “Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes”. If I click on Using Generic Scan Tool, I get the page saying the Manufacturer doesn’t provide auto repair information for this. While it may be painfully obvious to most, I wasn’t sure the info would all work with a tool like the Actron CP9180 or the Auto-Xray AX6000 or such.

You raised another topic related to online auto repair manuals. You said Continue reading

How To Fix Automotive Electrical Problems

One of the hardest do it yourself auto repair tasks is solving automotive electrical problems on your own. To be successful you will need a wiring diagram in most cases. But even when you have this electrical diagram in your hand it can still be hard to understand and diagnose circuit malfunctions.

automotive electrical circuit imageWhen you are tracing electrical circuits using a standard automotive wiring diagram you always want to work from the load or component back to the battery. Find the load device first, for example: light, horn, solenoid or actuator, then find its ground, and then find the battery on the diagram.

Trying to read a schematic from positive battery voltage to negative or ground does not work well. Always work from your load back toward the battery. This rule is important because it gives you a standard and correct direction of diagnosis. If you have proper power and grounds to your load component then you have just solved your problem on the first diagnostic test indicating that the failure is in the Continue reading