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Automotive Reference Materials for DIY Car Repairs

Automotive Reference Materials

Mitchell auto repair informationOne of the big differences between someone that dabbles in at-home car repair and a professional that earns a living at it is access to professional automotive reference materials. Mechanics that have been fixing cars for any length of time know the factory provides the best information for specific cars. These technicians also know where to find this information and are glad to pay for it because of the fast and accurate results it brings.

Having exclusive access to factory written materials is what provided the retail auto repair industry with the advantage it needed to offer a level of service that couldn’t be achieved at home. The Internet age has leveled the playing field between the professional technician and the weekend warrior. In the past people wishing to fix their cars at home had limited access to this information. One of the only remaining obstacles is the general public is not aware of the extremely high quality repair diagrams available to them today. Continue reading

DIY AC Recharge Questions

automotive freon with leak stopCar air-conditioning recharge season is almost here. Since a lot of people who visit this site are inclined to jump into some do it yourself auto repairs I thought I would tackle two of the most asked questions about DIY AC recharge that I have received here on the automotive information blog.

Several law abiding citizens asked me if it was against the law to charge their own car air-conditioning at home. I had to do a little research on this question because I really wasn’t sure of the answer and I figured that it might depend on what State you live in. After doing some research over at the EPA website and looking around for individual State laws it would seem that most follow the EPA guidelines from title VI. Continue reading

Timing Belt Kits

image of an AC Delco timing belt kit

AC Delco timing belt kit

Why do you need to find a timing belt kit instead of just buying the belt by itself? I’m glad you asked because the very important answers will affect people that are getting the operation performed by professional mechanics as well as people that plan on doing the repairs in the driveway at home.

The first thing to cover is what is the difference between a timing belt and a complete kit. On some vehicles there is a huge difference between the two. This is mainly because on some models the water pump is driven via the timing belt.

Since maintenance is usually recommended somewhere between 60,000 and 100 thousand miles it only makes sense to replace this water pump at the same time as replacing its drive belt. Because we don’t want coolant dripping on the new rubber parts a week later! Some timing belt kits come with a lot of other stuff besides a water pump and belt. Continue reading

Free Auto Repair Information

auto-repair-mechanicSometimes Diy auto mechanics will spend a lot of time looking for free auto repair information. I mean who doesn’t like free. But what if all that time spent brings poor quality information and poor results.

Personally I would rather spend a few bucks to receive the best possible information and know at least my time and effort was heading in the right direction. Let me give you a quick example of this scenario.

Free auto repair information forums

I use to go to the popular automotive forums and try to help people with their auto repair questions. I noticed a common trend about these free car forums. A lot of people dispensing advice may mean well, but in some cases, the advice was very poor and in some instances harmful to the vehicle.

It was also very hard for the Diy auto mechanic who posted the specific question to pick out a quality answer from the massive amount of responses. The problem with using this method is that the people responding to your car repair questions may not actually be knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

But what if you did not need outside help because you had Continue reading