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Do Stop Leak Products Work

Permatex spray n seal

Permatex Spray-n-Seal

When people ask me if stop leak products work, my answer is probably not but it ultimately depends on the situation. Overall I do not believe in miracle fluids. Even though I’m a nonbeliever there is some scientific stuff in these fluids that could work in the right situation.

Something I feel works a little better than something you can pour on the inside to stop a leak is something that you could spray on the outside to stop this leak. But remember whenever you have a choice between replacing a leaking gasket or using a stop leak solution of any kind the replacement of the gasket or seal is always going to be the better longer lasting auto repair.

The first time I used spray and seal from Permatex (available below along with a few other popular stop leak products) was for an oil leak on my 2004 Chevy Blazer. I have discussed this particular leak in depth and you can read that article on my page about Chevrolet oil leaks. To make a long story short the leak was at the front timing cover where it met the oil pan.

I used the Permatex spray and seal to help save my driveway until I had time to perform this major repair on my blazer. Being familiar with this type product I knew that the most important part about it being successful was cleaning the surface. Continue reading

Chevrolet Oil Leaks


Chevrolet oil leaks are common, but not on my blazer with a trusted 4.3 Liter V-6 engine. I changed my oil this weekend, and to my surprise when I crawled under the engine was soaking wet. I thought to myself, this couldn’t be because my 2004 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2 only has 19,846 miles on her. I performed the oil change and dried up the area and then gave her short run.

Chevrolet Oil Leaks

Chevrolet Oil Leaks

When I crawled back under the oil pan was wet again. I was able to easily pinpoint the leak at the front timing cover. The 2004 4.3 L V-6 has a composite timing cover. This is one of the reasons that Chevrolet oil leaks are common. But I was very surprised with the extremely low miles on my blazer that even this weak area was leaking oil. But if you look at the picture above, you will see that this was no accident.

Why engines leak oil

Improper assembly at the plant caused this Chevrolet oil leak. You can clearly see that the industrial-strength RTV starts out with a nice thick bead and then it just completely disappears at the lower side of the timing cover. Me being a auto mechanic that worked at Chevrolet dealers for 20 years Continue reading