Check for Ford Recalls

Recalled Ford f-150

Recalled Ford f-150

This is a quick article on how to check for ford recalls on any year or model Ford car or truck. It use to be if you really wanted to find out if there was an open recall due on your vehicle one had to stop by a dealership and get the service adviser to plug the V.I.N or vehicle identification number into the Ford oasis system.

VIN numbers are unique 17-digit serial numbers assigned to all mass produced automobiles. Ford oasis stands for On-Line Automotive Service Information System. When you enter a specific vehicle identification number this system provides a printable report about work performed under warranty and any recalls that where already done. More importantly the report includes any recalls that are still open on that vehicle.

I worked at a Lincoln Mercury dealer as a service adviser for a short time and found this tool extremely helpful. After writing an article recently on my other website about the Ford cruise control recall which I believe is the largest recall in the company’s history, I found out that there is an alternative for owners to plug in the vehicle identification number themselves online to see if there’s any open recalls on that car or truck.

This works for all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury publicly issued recall notices. So without further delay this is where you can check for ford recalls. That text link will take you to Ford’s main website in the exact spot where there is an open box to install your 17 digit vehicle identification number. At this point I am unclear if this is as accurate as the oasis system mentioned above. So I would consider this a quick check that can be done for convenience.

If the results return no open ford recalls I would still double check with the dealership when you have time. You can just approach a service writer with your vehicle registration which should have the same number on it and he will plug it in for you and run the official Ford oasis report on the automobile. If this report also says that there are no open recalls you can rest assure that nothing needs to be done to your vehicle. Sidebar: All three vehicles pictured on this page had open recalls on them.

Why check for ford recalls

1998 Ford f250

Recalled Ford Truck

The article that I wrote on my other website which I’ve linked to from above discusses what is believed to be Ford’s largest recall in the history of their company. It is for a problem with the cruise control knock off switch that is mounted in the brake master cylinder. This switch has been reported to leak brake fluid causing a short.

This electrical short can start a fire that can engulf the engine compartment. What brought this situation to the attention of authorities was in more than one case the vehicle was parked in the house garage at the time. The fire spread to these homes and did severe damage.

1998 Lincoln Town car

Recalled Lincoln Town Car

In most cases a company will only issue a recall of that is related to safety. When I worked for General Motors there was several recalls for seat belt repairs. When I worked for ford I found several recalls that related to vehicle braking systems. Therefore checking for open recalls on your Ford vehicle should be considered an important thing to do.

Often when a vehicle has been sold and repurchased several times the factory will have no way to contact the current owner. If you buy this vehicle private sale or from a used car lot you will have to check for ford recalls yourself. This is another reason why you will find new recalls talked about or discussed on television stations or automotive news outlets. This is an effort to get the word out that repairs need to be done.

On a related note there are several recalls on Ford trucks. I wrote a page that discusses several of these recalls and what is involved in the repairs. Also on that page is an interesting story about the 7.3 L super duty that is capable of putting on record-breaking amounts of mileage. When the vehicle is around for 350,000 miles checking for ford recalls is even more important. For more articles from the mind of Master tech Mark this next link will take you back to the auto repair information blog home page.

2 thoughts on “Check for Ford Recalls

  1. Linda

    I was told nothing about any recalls just purchased the auto in February. The key switch gets stuck? It’s making the starter continue to turn while auto is on. I need answers about what I can do. Not satisfied with this vehicle at all burn too much gas, very heavy on gas.

  2. Craig

    This is great information! Thanks for sharing. Most often I fix my own car so I don’t take it in to the dealership very often. This is an easy way to check for recalls and make sure that my vehicle is running safe.

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