Small RV Trailers

Our 5 Favorite Picks for Small RV Trailers

There are 8 million households in the US with an RV parked in the yard or stored nearby. Are you thinking about joining this crowd?

Whether you’re looking for a modern trailer, a pull-behind camper, or a small travel trailer, the choices are plentiful.

Small RV trailers have come a long way. Stick with us to see how you can live on the road on a tiny budget, with all the creature comforts you want in our top RV picks.

The Coolest Small RV Trailers

Are you an occasional camper or someone looking to hit the open road for the trip around the country? Whatever your reason for purchasing an RV, you want to get one that works for you. A smaller RV gives you a little more freedom on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the best RV trailers on the market.

1. Happier Camper

These campers have a retro vibe, are ultra-light, and customizable. The interior can be arranged for a number of different purposes.

Whatever you’re doing…camping, hauling stuff, or offering guest quarters to company, you can change around the interior in minutes.

Really cool add-on features include a lightweight air conditioner, docking station for iPad/tablet, different shower fittings, solar panels, and digital heaters.

2. Winnebago Micro Minnie

Winnebago has been around since 1958 and is a name you can trust. This smaller travel trailer gives you a choice of 10 different floor plans.

The smaller size does not mean it’s lacking in amenities. It has a full kitchen with a dinette, a bathroom, a king-size bed that can be converted into 2 twins, and a tankless water heater.

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If you choose an awning, it comes with LED lighting.

3. Teardrop Camper

This camper made by Safari Condo is lightweight and has a compact teardrop design. Its aerodynamic exterior functions to keep you from having to fill up with fuel as often.

Though smaller in size, the living space is large and it sleeps 3-4 people.

4. Scamp Trailer

This one comes from a company that is proud to make their trailers in the US and only use US-based suppliers.

These campers are homey, easy to tow and come in 3 sizes. These campers hold their value because of their solid construction.

5. Nest Caravan

Are you a bit of an oxymoron? Do you love that outdoor life, but have a flair for design? This camper is for you.

It is considered a little more sophisticated with its sleek, uni-body design and the latest in tech features like Bluetooth-controlled lighting.

It features stainless steel accents and has more headroom for taller people.

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The Best Small Campers

Now that you’ve seen our favorite picks for small RV trailers, you have a decision to make. Which camper brands speak to you and fit your lifestyle?

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