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How to Protect Car Paint: 7 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Its Best

Did you know that the automotive paint industry was valued at nearly $16 billion in 2018 alone? This number is expected to increase in the upcoming years as more and more drivers decide to paint their cars in different attractive colors. 

But what if you already like the paint on your car and you don’t want to change it? Do you know how to protect car paint? Is it possible to have your vehicle look as brand new even after years of heavy usage? Well, car paint protection is not something new and you can definitely do a lot to preserve the paint job of your vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about new car paint protection. 

Wash Your Vehicle by Hand

This simple trick might not seem like much, but apparently, high-pressure washing can cause serious damage to a car’s paint. Such pressure washers are used in car washing places around the world. If you want to keep the pain in a pristine condition, try to wash your car by hand more often. You can do this using mild cleaning agents and detergents as well as lukewarm water. 

Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating can be applied to the exterior of your vehicle. This type of coating is specially designed to bond chemically with the paint on your car. It will protect it against UV rays that can cause fading and discoloration over the years.

A ceramic coating can also protect the paint on your vehicle against road chemicals, extreme weather conditions, and other harmful agents. It cannot be cleaned easily and a high-quality ceramic coating can last for up to 4 years. Ceramic coatings are usually more expensive than other paint treatments, but they offer better protection to your car.

Wax Coatings

If you don’t want to invest too much money, you can also go for wax coatings. Wax can be applied to your car to protect it against dirt and grime. This type of coating usually lasts for up to 4 months and it can be easily cleaned with basic detergents and cleaning products. The wax coating doesn’t chemically bond with the paint and it’s easier to remove. Wax should also be considered if you want to make your vehicle look shinier and more glossy.

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Paint Sealants

Just like ceramic coatings, sealants also bond chemically with the paint on your car. However, they are less expensive and can last for up to 6 months. They will protect your vehicle against UV rays, road chemicals, and extreme weather conditions. 

Paint sealants also have the ability to enhance the gloss of your car. They improve exterior aesthetics and are highly recommended if you’re a salesman, celebrity, or just want to have one of the most beautiful cars in traffic.

Protective Films

If you want to enjoy the best type of protection out there then you should go for protective films usually made from plastic. These are clear coatings applied to various areas of your car, usually the ones that are more susceptible to damage.

Clear protective films can shield your vehicle against small pebbles found on the road, dirt, dust particles, and other harmful agents. It can even provide protection against minor dents and scratches, so your car remains in good condition for a long period of time.

When the clear protective films get too worn-out, you simply replace them with brand new ones. These films are almost invisible, they don’t change the color of your car, and can be applied to any vehicle. Most protective films can last months or even years, but this depends on how you drive your car, road conditions, and more. Check out this paint protection film guide to learn more about clear protective films.

Car Polish

Using car polish can also improve the appearance of the paint on your vehicle. Different types of high-quality car polishes contain micro-abrasive particles that gently clean the paint. They do not damage your vehicle, but remove dirt, dust particles, and other impurities from the surface of the paint.

Polishing your car once every few months also protects the paint against the elements of nature. For example, it can remove the corrosion properties of rain, snow, and other external agents that might deteriorate the paint job.

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Do Not Park Under a Tree

There are numerous risks associated with parking your car under a tree. Although the tree branches and leaves might provide shade on a hot summer day, a falling tree branch can scratch the hood of your car. High-speed winds and storms can cause tree branches to fall and damage your vehicle.

On top of that, bird droppings can also damage the paint on your car. This is not only an aesthetic issue, but such unpleasant surprises can be corrosive to the paint. The more bird droppings sit on your car, the more damage they can do to a vehicle.

Avoid Putting Things on the Hood of Your Car

Some people have the bad habit of placing their keys, smartphone, or other personal belongings on the hood of the car. Apart from the risk of accidentally losing these items, they can also scratch your vehicle if you’re not careful.

It’s best not to place anything directly on top of your car, whether it’s fitness equipment, coffee cups, headphones, etc. if you need to transport something on the hood, make sure that you invest in high-quality gear that can easily accommodate a surfboard or bike without damaging the paint on top of your vehicle.

Now You Know How to Protect Car Paint!

Hopefully, this article provided a few clever insights when it comes to how to protect car paint. It’s easier and cheaper to keep your car’s paint in a good condition instead of paying for a costly paint repair job. For example, a decent car painting service can cost around $2,000 on average and you would probably want to spend this much money on a vacation, instead of repainting your car.

To learn more about car paints, accessories, improvements, and how to customize your vehicle on a budget, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website.