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How to Avoid Car Accidents: 6 Tips You Should Know

Every year, the United States of America witnesses approximately 40,000 fatal car accidents

While some of these are unavoidable, a majority of these accidents can be prevented. That’s why it’s essential for every driver to familiarize themselves with the knowledge required to drive safely and responsibly.

The list below includes various tips on how to avoid car accidents, or at the very least minimize the severity of these accidents. 

1. Limit Your Distractions

While this seems like common sense, there are still a lot of people who receive calls or text while driving. It is understandable to think that you’re a good enough driver to be able to do both at the same time. 

However, the fact remains that your attention has been divided. Perhaps, 9 out of 10 times you won’t meet with an accident. Even so, all it takes is one mishap. 

With handsfree options and the enormous strides in Bluetooth connectivity, there’s simply no reason to put your life at risk over a phone call anymore.

2. How to Avoid Car Accidents With Routine Maintenance

Make sure you get your car serviced as often as you need to. Engine maintenance, oil checks, and brake testing are essential to ensure a properly functioning car. 

You can see how a dysfunctional brake can easily cause an unnecessary accident. 

3. Make Sure You Do Not Drive While Drowsy or Drunk

Driving while drunk or drowsy is always a bad idea. Make sure you always have a designated driver in your group, when you go out drinking, or call yourself a taxi. 

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If you’re drowsy, but absolutely need to drive, make sure you take a friend along with you to ensure that you have company along the way.

4. Keep Your Road Rage in Check

Anger can sometimes be as distracting as alcohol. If you’re someone who’s susceptible to severe road rage, it is important to find ways to manage your anger. Anger management classes, therapy or simply stopping your car by the side to calm yourself down are great ways to keep your road rage in check.

Frustrating drivers or pedestrians are an inevitability of life. However, how you react to them is very much in your control.

5. Make Sure All Animals and Pets Are Well Behaved

If you’re taking your pets or children along for a drive, you must ensure that they’re well-behaved. Unprecedented pushing, nudging or jumping must be avoided at all costs. 

Make sure they’re wearing their seatbelts, and that you have someone else in the car to take care of any random outbursts. If you have to deal with barking or yelling, it is best to stop your car and take care of it, rather than take your eyes off the road for that crucial second.

6. Pay Attention to Traffic Rules

Whether it’s driving according to the speed limit, following the zipper merge rule or stopping at the red light, it is essential to follow all traffic rules. Understand that they exist for this very reason – to help you avoid car accidents.

Do Not Make Assumptions

While these are things that everyone should know, it is generally advisable not to assume that everyone does.

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Instead, do your part and when in doubt, don’t assume that the other driver will just stop, or slow down at that turn. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

That being said, knowing these basic tips on how to avoid car accidents can save people a lot of unnecessary pain. If you find this article helpful, share it across your social media with the rest of your friends, and help spread awareness!