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How to Keep Your Vintage Car in Good Shape: 5 Auto Upkeep Tips

A vintage car is a precious gem that should be handled with care. Unlike regular cars, classic ones require a different level of auto upkeep.

If you want to know how to properly care for your vintage vehicle, keep on reading.

Drive it Often for Auto Upkeep

While you may want to preserve your classic car by keeping it in your garage, this is not recommended. Instead, you should take it for a ride regularly. Driving your car regularly not only keeps the engine running properly but it ensures that the tires and gears work smoothly. Also, driving the car often slows down the aging process.

You should drive the car once or twice a month for at least half an hour. This should be enough time to blow out any moisture or condensation in the car.

Get Regular Checkups

Although you may know how to take care of your car, it is wise to get it regularly checked out by a professional. Most of the time professional mechanics will point out often overlooked issues.

In addition, professional mechanics will know where you can find vintage car parts for the best price. Be sure that you go to a mechanic that has experience with classic car maintenance.

It is also recommended to keep a regular car maintenance schedule. If your car is exposed to harsh conditions like extremely hot or freezing weather, rough roads or heavy loads, then you may want to set a severe maintenance schedule.

Clean and Wax Your Classic Car Often

Washing your car is a basic requirement for auto maintenance. Cleaning your car removes elements like salt that could damage the paint and mental of the car.

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Make sure to pay attention to the undercarriage and sitting area. Wash out the wheel wells and vacuum in the interior to prevent moisture build-up — excess dampness will cause rust under the car.

Keep the Car Covered

When you are not driving it, it is crucial to keep the car covered. Exposure to the elements like wind, rain, sun, and snow could damage the car.

To explain, exposure to snow and rain will encourage rust formation. Exposure to excessive sunlight and heat ages the car, breaks down the vinyl, and changes the paint color. Extreme cold will cause dampness and cause the locks and windshield wipers to freeze. Therefore, keep your vintage car stored and covered in a garage.

Keep an Eye on the Breaks and Fluid

Fluids ensure that the car runs smoothly. Your vintage car needs lubricant and water so it doesn’t overheat. Also, it is essential that your vintage car heats and cools properly. Also, keep your breaks in good condition. Loud breaks may signal that something is wrong with them, so don’t forget to pump them if you need to.

Now that you know everything about the auto upkeep of your vintage car, keeping it in mint condition should be a breeze. Don’t forget to bookmark this blog post for a reference on how to care for your vintage car.