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Stocking Your Shop: Top 7 Mechanic Tools Every Auto Mechanic Needs

If being a mechanic and running your own shop is a dream job, it’s necessary to equip your business with the best tools. 

When you have quality mechanic tools, you’ll get quicker turnaround times and provide your customers with better services. Every mechanic needs a stellar toolkit, and the equipment below will get you started. 

Must-Have Mechanic Tools

So which mechanic tools are absolutely necessary? You’ll need a list to start with so you can shop around.

In addition to gathering some auto repair manuals, use these tools to get your shop in order. 

1. An Amazing Wrench Set

Socket wrenches are the absolute bread and butter of any mechanic tool set. You’ll need to remove tire nuts and tinker with connections under the hood. 

Purchase a socket wrench set with a few hundred pieces to make sure you’re never left without the tools you need. You should also purchase an extender set so you can access the wrenches with full torque at any angle. 

2. A Quality Light Source

Depending on what you’re doing and the lighting conditions of the shop, it may be difficult to see tiny details while you’re working. 

Because of this, you’ll need to invest in some lighting setups, flashlights, and interior lighting that will set you straight. Buy LED lights whenever you can to save on energy and to buy lights that burn cooler. 

3. Safety Equipment

Without question, workplace safety is crucial for any auto repair shop. 

When you’re getting ready to work on a car, you need things like gloves, goggles, headgear, and masks. Be sure that you also keep your work site clean to avoid fuel and oil spills that can become dangerous. 

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4. Devices That Let You Comfortable Sit Down and Lay Down while Working

Auto repairs can sometimes take hours to complete. If you’re going to be holding a position for a long period of time, you’ll need an adjustable chair or floor bed that lets you work as needed. 

This helps protect your back and knees and gives you the chance to work for longer hours. 

5. A Great Bundle of Durable Rags

Since cleanliness is so important, be sure that you have some rags that you can use regularly. 

Above all, make sure that they are durable and don’t get too soaked or rip apart. This way, you can always wash and re-use them as needed. 

6. A Heavy Duty Floor Jack

You have to access the undercarriage of the vehicle for a number of repairs. In this regard, buying and using the best jack possible will be a must. 

Be sure you have an all-purpose jack that can handle vehicles of all weights and sizes. For instance, a truck jack will be bigger and will handle more weight. 

Having one of these jacks can be the difference between taking several minutes and a few seconds to jack up a vehicle. 

7. Electronic Diagnostic Tools

Whenever someone has a check engine light or another indicator flashing, they’ll need your assistance to figure out what’s wrong. Your next step in most cases will be to hook the vehicle up to electronic diagnostic tools. 

This way, you can decipher codes and get to the root of the issue. 

Put Together the Best Mechanic Tools Possible

You can’t go wrong when you use these tools in your auto shop. Make sure you include these when building your kit. 

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Consider these tips so you have the mechanic tools you need for all aspects of auto maintenance and repair.