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Protect What Is Yours: How to Protect Your Car Window Decals

There were 268.8 million vehicles registered in 2016. And nearly 6.3 million cars were sold.

Don’t want to be just another car on a road? Car window decals are a great way to personalize your car and make it stand out.

However, you want to take care of your decals so that they keep your car looking good.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for tips to care for your car window decals. 


Before you apply a new car decal, decide on the location first. You don’t want to apply the decal only to find out it’s not centered or that you don’t like where it’s located. 

When you decide on a spot, make sure to clean that area. Otherwise, the decal will stick to dirt instead of your car. 

When you’re ready to apply the decal, peel a third of the backing first. Apply that first part of the decal, then, carefully apply the rest of it as you peel the rest of the backing. 

There are also application tools you can use to make the application process easier. You can use a plastic squeegee to apply the decal and a squeegee with a felt end to smooth out any bubbles. 

Where you decide to place your car window decal is up to you. You can choose any window if you have a window decal.

Custom Sticker Shop has stickers you can apply on your car’s hood or side. You can even apply a sticker near the headlights to give your car a fun look. 


Many times, it’s the buildup of dirt that ruins the look of car window decals. Keep your car and your decals looking brand new by always keeping them clean

Wash By Hand

Some car washes–especially ones with brushes–can ruin decal. It’s best to wash your stickers by hand with a mild cleaner. Wash your car and decals frequently to avoid dirt and particle buildup. 

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Before you use a new cleaner, test it out on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t change the color of the decal. 

If any dirt gets on the sticker, such as bird droppings, make sure to clean it right away. If you leave pollutants sitting on the decal, this can result in a brown discoloration which can stain your car paint. 

Be Careful with Pressure Washers

Pressure washers can be damaging to your car paint even without decals. It’s best not to use them. 

However, if you do have to use it on your vehicle, set it at a low pressure and don’t hold it at an angle. When you wash your car, you should hold the hose a minimum of 1 foot away. 


In addition to frequent cleanings, there are other things you can do to protect your car window decals. Let’s take a look. 

Use a Polish

To keep your decal looking its best, apply a polish specifically for car decals and stickers. When you polish or wash the decal, be careful not to rub at the edges too hard. 

Protect Your Car

Protect your decals from the sun, extreme temperatures, and other elements. If possible, park your car in your home garage rather than leaving it outside.

When you go to work, if possible you should also park in a garage. If there’s no option to park in a garage, at least park in a shaded area. 

Additional Tips for Car Decal Maintenance

Sometimes you may run into issues with your car decals and have to remove them. Here are additional tips for that. 

Rust and Corrosion

If you notice the decal starts to turn rust-colored or brown, remove it right away or have a professional remove it for you. This is a type of pollution from acid. 

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How to Remove a Decal

Maybe you want to change things up and replace your car window decal. In that case, it’s time to remove the decal. However, the process is a bit more complicated than just pulling it off. 

To remove the decal, first handwash the area and the decal with mild soap and a cloth. 

Next, you’re going to use some heat to make it easier to remove the sticker. You can use a hair dryer to loosen up the sticky part of the decal. 

After applying heat, use a plastic card to peel the sticker off slowly. Hold the card at an angle to make it easier. You can also use your fingers to peel it off.

Another option is to use a razor blade, however, you want to be careful not to scratch the car or the paint. 

After you remove the sticker, there will be some adhesive left on the car. You can use a special adhesive removal product.

Apply the adhesive removal, wait a minute, then rub clean. You might have to do this part several times to remove the adhesive completely. 

If you don’t remove the adhesive completely, it will ruin the look of your replacement decal. When the sticky part is gone, you can wash again and apply wax to prepare for the new sticker. 

Final Tips for Taking Care of Car Window Decals

Car window decals are the perfect way to show off your unique style. By following the above tips, you can keep them in great condition

The important thing to remember when cleaning them is to never scrub or use abrasive materials. With proper care and maintenance, your decals should last for years. 

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