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8 DIY Car Repairs Even a Total Simpleton Could Do

The LA Times estimates that there are 253 million cars filling US roads and that most of those cars will stay active for about 11.5 years.

That staggering number, especially considering that there are only 328 million people living in the country, paints a picture of the fact that the majority of us rely on cars to keep our lives moving forward.

Unfortunately, that reliance comes at a price. Not only are you liable to pay for your car in the way of purchase price, you also have to worry about insurance, gas, and of course maintenance.

Car maintenance costs most people $408.00 per year, per vehicle. Helping you bring down that cost is the purpose of this article.

Below, we itemize 8 DIY car repair jobs even the least car-savvy person could be successful at.

1. Air Filter Replacement

Your air filter may not be on your radar since it’s pretty low-key. Still, that doesn’t mean it isn’t having an adverse effect on your vehicle’s performance.

Air filters are integral in keeping your vehicle’s power stable and it’s gas mileage solid. The best part? This DIY car repair can be done in under 10 minutes!

Learn more about how you can get air filters and other car parts shipped right to your door!

2. Oil Change

The YouTube-verse is filled to the brim with videos on how to change your car’s oil. That’s because oil changes are a must for responsible vehicle owners and also because changing oil is simple!

To get this job done, you’ll probably want to arm yourself not only with a good online tutorial but with a ratchet, a new oil filter, new oil, an oil container and a good funnel.

Be sure to never change your car’s oil when it’s hot. To be safe, wait at least two hours after operating your vehicle to do this DIY car repair.

Also, consult your car’s manual to figure out the best oil type for your vehicle.

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3. Brake Pads

Brake pads are integral to ensuring your car can make timely stops and avoid potentially fatal accidents. For that reason, it’s important to check your pads as part of routine maintenance to ensure they haven’t worn down too much.

If your pads are in need of replacing, feel free to try your hand at a DIY car repair by picking up a c-clamp, lug wrench, a hammer, a good set of Allen wrenches and getting to work!

4. Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are another one of those car components that most casual owners don’t have on their radar. Fuel filters are cheap at about $15.00 a pop but can save you massive amounts of money since they prevent undue engine wear and tear.

When you replace your damaged fuel filter, you will be ensuring the proper functioning of your car’s fuel injection and carburetor systems. Just be sure that you release your fuel system pressure prior to replacing your filter.

5. Car Battery

Car batteries last 4 to 6 years so you’ll need to get yours replaced quite a few times over your car owning lifetime. This is a simple DIY car repair that is almost a sin to have a shop cover off for you.

Just be sure to buy the right battery for your particular car model and everything else is as easy as leveraging a basic wrench set to remove and replace a couple of cables.

Pro Tip – Always remove the black negative cable first and put it back on last when swapping out a battery to avoid shorting the circuit.

6. Spark Plugs

Armed with good spark plugs, your vehicle will have better fuel consumption ratings and give you a smoother overall experience. The great thing about spark plugs is that they last a long time (modern ones are rated for about 100,000 miles) and when you do have to replace them they’re dirt cheap.

Spark plugs should run you in the vanity of $10.00 and you can learn how to swap them out easily on YouTube or through this excellent WikiHow article.

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7. Headlight Bulbs

If you see that one of your headlights is out and your car does not leverage sealed beam lights, you can take care of replacing it pretty easily.

Talk to your local auto shop to pick up the correct bulb and if for any reason the price seems too high, look for additional aftermarket compatible bulbs online.

Pro tip – Never touch your bulb’s glass with your bare hands. Grease from your fingers can reduce a bulb’s lifespan and may even lead to it exploding.

8. Windshield Wipers

We’ve saved what is perhaps the easiest DIY car repair for last, windshield wipers. If you’re driving around in sunny southern California or other dry areas, wipers may not be on your radar. You will wish they had been though when you get caught in a freak storm.

Replacing your wipers is as easy as talking to your car repair shop about your make and car model and then purchasing a compatible set. Then, follow the instructions on the back of your wiper’s packaging for proper installation.

Wrapping Up Simple DIY Car Repair Tasks Anybody Can Do

Taking your car to the shop for every little thing that goes wrong with it can be impractical for average families and frankly isn’t necessary. We recommend mustering up some DIY car repair skills next time your vehicle needs a pick me up, especially if the fix is simple!

After spending some time learning the ins and outs of doing simple repairs on your car, you’ll find that your automotive fluency will increase and that you’ll be able to take on more challenging repairs in no time!

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