how many miles will my car last

How Many Miles Will My Car Last? 10 Tips for Longevity

Do you want your car to last forever?

If you think to yourself “how many miles will my car last?” this article is for you.

Cars last longer than they used to. In 2006, cars would last for about 8 years. Today, cars last about 11 years.

What if you want your car to last longer, like 200,000 or 300,00 miles?

It’s possible, as more car models are hitting those longevity benchmarks, as this top 10 list of cars to get 200,000 miles shows.

If you want to know how to make your car last, read on for the top 10 tips.

1. Have the Owner’s and Service Manuals

When was the last time you looked at your owner’s manual?

That book can be your guide to tell you how to maintain your car, and how often. It will also give you tips for operating your car, so you can make it last.

Are you the DIY repair type? If so, you should have the service manual for your car. This manual can be more important than the owner’s manual.

The service manual was developed for car techs and dealerships so they can repair the cars that they sell. You’ll be able to refer to the service manual to get the right part numbers for your specific vehicle.

2. Drive the Right Way

How you drive your car can make a difference in the longevity of your car.

You don’t need to drive slow and cautiously, but things like speeding, flooring the car often, and braking hard can reduce the engine’s lifespan.

Flooring the car once in a while can do your car some good. It can clean out carbon build up in the valves and combustion chamber.

3. Regular Maintenance Matters

The key to making your car last is to perform preventative maintenance regularly. The timeline for maintenance is set out in your owner’s manual. These are the things that you’ll want to take care of and are done usually on a quarterly basis.

  • Change the air filters
  • Check transmission, oil and brake fluids
  • Change motor oil
  • Rotate tires
  • Inspect timing and serpentine belts
  • Check battery and clean contacts
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Doing this type of maintenance will save you a lot of money in the long run. You’re able to prevent major breakdowns in your car and make it last a long time.

4. Have a Maintenance Calendar

Stop asking “how many miles will my car last” and get yourself organized.

The big thing about doing all of the maintenance yourself is keeping track of what you did when you did it, and what the mileage of the car was. You also need to keep track of upcoming maintenance tasks.

That’s where a maintenance calendar can come in handy. You can track everything by using a paper journal or you can take advantage of technology and use an app on your phone.

Apps like RoadTrip for iOS devices and Car Maintenance Reminders for Android let you detail and track your repairs. Both apps also give you reminders for upcoming repairs.

5. Don’t Top Off the Fuel Tank

The evaporative control canister is a system in your car that’s used for emissions control.

It keeps gasoline vapors from getting into the atmosphere.

When you top off your fuel tank, you can cause damage to this system and can turn into a failed emissions test and an expensive repair.

Maintaining the fuel pump is also important. Letting your fuel tank drop below a quarter of a tank can damage the fuel pump because of condensation.

If you’re the type of driver that likes to fill up only when there are fumes in the tank, you’ll need to adjust that habit.

6. Protect the Exterior

Protecting the exterior of the car is just as important as the engine. There are a few easy things you can do to make sure your car is protected from harsh weather like snow, salt, and the blazing sun.

  • Detail your car regularly
  • Get a car cover or keep your car in a garage
  • Use a sunshade to protect the interior

These simple tips are great ways to make sure your car looks as well as it runs.

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7. Get Your Car Inspected

You may know your way around the car, but there are things that you just might miss. That’s why you want to have another set of eyes inspect the car to make sure your car is in top shape.

Take your car to a mechanic every 9 months to have them do a detailed inspection.

8. Listen to Your Car

Do you have a tendency to listen to the radio when you’re driving?

You might be missing out on some important information because you’re not listening to your car.

Take the time to listen to your car regularly to check to see if there are any unusual noises coming from the engine.

9. Plan for Unexpected Repairs

No matter how well you maintain your car, there will be a repair that you don’t expect.

Parts fail when you least expect it. To get ahead of the unexpected, set aside a budget for these types of repairs.

The last thing you want is to have your car sit in the driveway because you didn’t have the cash for a major repair.

10. Travel Light

A heavy load can weigh down your car. The more your car weighs, the harder it has to work to accelerate and decelerate.

That extra weight can wear down your car’s parts quickly and use up more fuel.

When you drive your car, make sure you’re taking what’s necessary with you. Take out things that you don’t use or were too lazy to put in the garage.

How Many Miles Will My Car Last?

With these tips, you know longer have to think, “how many miles will my car last?”

All you have to do is follow these guidelines. The most important ones are to keep your car maintained and plan for repairs.

The more detail oriented you are about your car’s repairs, the more likely you are to make your car last a long time.

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