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Road Trip Tips For Your Next Long Motorcycle Ride

What type of bucket list does not include a motorcycle road trip?

There are so many epic sights to behold throughout the continental United States. From the Tail of the Dragon or the Trail of Tears, a motorcycle road trip is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Read on to learn all the tips and tricks for taking the perfect road trip.

Make Sure to Prepare for the Worst

Mother Nature can singlehandedly ruin a motorcycle road trip. The weather could vary from scorching hot during the day to freezing cold at night.

What if it rains or snows?

Proper planning must be taken into account. Pack a change of clothes in case it rains.

Invest in clothing that insulates during cold weather or is breathable when it is warm.

Another solid tip is to bring a backup pair of gloves. Few things are more uncomfortable than a pair of gloves soaked with sweat or rain.

Unfortunate events come in many different shapes and sizes. Make sure to be equipped for a quick tire repair in the case of a flat.

Don’t Underestimate the Physical Toll a Motorcycle Road Trip will Take

For starters, it is ill advised to simply jump into a long road trip. Ramp up with several short trips to build up endurance.

Earplugs are another must-have.

Envision the abuse that the head takes after a day of 70-plus miles per hour winds ringing the ears.

Adding a windshield to the motorcycle configuration is also recommended. The wind beating down on the chest and arms is physically exhausting.

A windshield will help alleviate some of that physical stress.

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The ride will also put a burden on the back. Adjust the seat, purchase a back rest, and stay in a comfortable position.

Even with these precautions, an unbelievable toll is still being placed on the body. This is why recurring rest is a critical part of a motorcycle road trip.

What are the Best Spots to Hit in the United States?

For regular motorcyclists, this is a stock answer. Ride Route 66 all the way to California.

Make sure the cell phone is fully charged to take pictures of the Grand Canyon. There are even Route 66 motorcycle tours available.

For history buffs, cruise down the Trail of Tears. This historical road memorializes Native Americans that were infamously forced off their lands in the early 1800s.

The Trail of Tears takes commuters from Tennessee to Alabama.

Another amazing route is the Tail of the Dragon. There are over three hundred curving loops on an 11-mile track.

This highly skilled track takes riders through both North Carolina and Tennessee.

The most adventurous motorcyclists should venture up to Alaska for an insanely beautiful ride. Riders can take in two national parks along the Prudhoe Bay.

A Road Trip for the Ages

With all of these amazing sites to visit, there is no doubt taking this road trip will be a lifelong memory.

As evident by states ranging from Arizona to Alaska, preparation is the key factor to having the best possible trip.

Take care to rest and minimize physical stress, and the road trip will certainly live up to expectations.

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If there are any questions about motorcycle road trips or parts, please contact us for assistance.